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1000 Jump 4

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Welcome in this new fantastic and very hard parkour map from 1000 jump series. 

Like in 1000 jump 3 here you can find blocks with effect but this map has a new special form.

Welcome in the sequel of 1000 jump 3. For the first time in the series we go circular. This allow me to create new level every update so expect something new every 1/2 months. Obviously if you have already complete the old part you can skip to the new levels every update.

(shaders in the picture simple shaders)

sadly for now it doesn’t work with Minecraft 1.12 for a bug in the checkpoint, you can play but you won’t be able to respawn in the right block

1000 Jump 4 2

1000 Jump 4 31000 Jump 4 4

1000 Jump 4 51000 Jump 4 6


I only ask you to wait 5 second to help me and supporting with my work because I spent  months to create this


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