Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script) 1

Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script)

File Name : Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script)
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : Drag0nD
Date Create: 12/01/2019
Date Update: 09/12/2019
File size: 701.62 KB

This script adds an admin panel to the game which can be accessed by players who have permission. Admins can control the world using a custom user interface with fast settings or by typing any command. You can use it if world owner gave you permission.

How to use the admin panel?

First off you must have permission from the owner.

If you are the owner and you want to give someone permission craft “admins menu” item and use it by tapping/interacting with any block.

Note: only the owner can use the item.

Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script) 2

then UI will appear with list of players press on players who you want to give permission until their names become green (in the UI).

Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script) 3

Now after you got the permission you can open admin panel by crafting other item (see the screenshots for recipes) and use it by tapping at any block.

Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script) 4

The admin panel includes options for controlling the time, weather and for writing any command.

Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script) 5

Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script) 6

Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script) 7Admin Panel V4 Big Update (1.13) (Script) 8

  • when you open UI it open for you instead of all players
  • added more time settings
  • added more keyboard buttons
  • @s work now in commands
  • improved the UI
  • note: the lines for changing passwords changed see description for the new lines
  1. custom UI scale better with different screen resolutions and sizes
  2. support minecraft 1.12
  3. changed the way of openning admin panel see the description
  4. added admins menu to give players permission to the admin panel (only owner can access it and it only support up to 10 players at the moment)
  5. added 2 items to open admin panel and admins menu see description


please watch this video about how to download the file and skip ads

after you download the mcaddon file open it and the game should automatically import the files then add them to your world

i recommend making backup

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