Advance Skyblock 1

Advance Skyblock

File Name : Advance Skyblock
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : Lgamer24
Date Create: 14/08/2019
Date Update: 17/09/2019
File size: 389.66 KB

Looking for something fun, challenging, awesome, and surprising map in hardcore mode. This map will satisfy all of it. Spawning in a small 5x3x5 island with a tree in the middle, with lots of hidden things around it, enjoyment is endless! Dare yourself in a thrilling survival skyblock and try to beat the all 3 bosses in this map. Yes, you read that right… 3! Can you find them all?

Starting in an island with all the necessities, you can expand it and find great things such us:

Advance Skyblock 2

-Free berries!!

Advance Skyblock 3

-Lots of boxes with surprises on top of a dirt blocks.

Advance Skyblock 4

-Spawner just near the island.

Advance Skyblock 5

-“Trading Center Portal-how to make” booklet

Advance Skyblock 6Advance Skyblock 7

-Trading Center

Advance Skyblock 8

-Money Sharing Machine!!

Advance Skyblock 9

-Night Trades?

Advance Skyblock 10

-Secret Night Trades?!

Advance Skyblock 11

-End Portal!

Advance Skyblock 12

-A torture mansion?!?! What?!

I’ve added the foxes in the shop, and also fixed some minor issues. I have also added a money sharing machine, where players can give money to each other.

So, The last update that I did is not really an update. I think I pressed something wrong back there…

So I’ve added foxes in the shop, a money sharing machine, and also fixed the problem of “when your going to the trade center, sometimes your on normal survival mode” thingy.


-Download the file

-Rename/convert the file into a .zip file

-Decompress it (a folder should appear after it)

-Transfer the folder inside your minecraft world files

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