AdvancedCraft Addon 1

AdvancedCraft Addon

File Name : AdvancedCraft Addon
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14, 1.13
Manager : SirQuackTH XD
Date Create: 20/02/2020
Date Update: 23/02/2020
File size: 182.72 KB

Have you ever wanted Minecraft to be a little easier???

Have you ever wanted more things?

Swords, items, food, blocks and more.

This addon adds some stuff to make your game quite interesting.

This addon will add these features to your world.


AdvancedCraft Addon 2

First, you’ll need crude oil ore.

This ore will spawn between Y 5 -20 .

It will drop 1 -3 crude oil when mined

The crude oil can be smelted in a Furnace or a Blast Furnace to make plastic.

AdvancedCraft Addon 3

Then, the plastic can be turned into blocks by putting plastic in all slots in the crafting table.

AdvancedCraft Addon 4

Dragon Scales:

AdvancedCraft Addon 5

The dragon scales will drop from the Ender Dragon.

The dragon will drop 7 -23 scales.

They have no use yet.

You can suggest some ideas in the comments.

Black Iron:

First you’ll need Black Alloy Dust by using

Coal or Charcoal and Gunpowder

AdvancedCraft Addon 6
AdvancedCraft Addon 7

Then you surround an iron ingot with the Black Alloy Dust to get the black iron.

AdvancedCraft Addon 8


There is 2 food items in this addon for know.

Cooked Rotten Flesh:

Do you have a mob farm but there is too much rotten flesh?

Well, you may like this.

You have to put rotten flesh in a Furnace or a Smoker.

AdvancedCraft Addon 9

Fried Egg:

This will be good if you have a chicken farm.

You have to put an egg in a Furnace or a Smoker.

AdvancedCraft Addon 10


This addon has 7 swords for now.

Here are the swords.


Cactus Sworď: DM=5      Durability=60

AdvancedCraft Addon 11

Plastic Sword: DM=6      Durability=570

AdvancedCraft Addon 12
[Double Edged]

Wood: DM=6     Durability=90

Stone: DM=7     Durability=195

Iron: DM=8     Durability=375

Gold: DM=6     Durability=48

Diamond: DM=9     Durability=2340

AdvancedCraft Addon 13
AdvancedCraft Addon 14
AdvancedCraft Addon 15
AdvancedCraft Addon 16
AdvancedCraft Addon 17

If you want me to add more stuff

You can suggest some ideas.Select version for changelog:  1.0.1 Changelog

Changed Brief Introduction Title.

No changes in the mod for now…


This is a mcaddon file

So I don’t know If this addon can be used by IOS players.

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