angel ring mod

Angel Ring Mod

File Name : Angel Ring Mod
Game Verision: MC 1.15.2
Manager : DenisMasterHerobrine
Date Create: 02/08/2019
Date Update: 14/02/2020
File size: 18.73 KB

Angel Ring  will allow us to make a ring that will give our character the ability to fly, just as we can do in the creative mode of Minecraft, but this time in survival mode. In the upper image of this article we can see how the recipe is to make the ring that will allow us to fly in survival mode.

The operation is simple. API Curios is responsible for generating new boxes in the character’s inventory. If we place the ring in this box we can fly in survival mode. The way of flying is the same as in the creative mode, that is, using the «Space» key and the arrow keys.


Angel Ring Mod 1

Do you miss flying in survival mode? Well, wish granted.

How to install Angel Ring Mod for Minecraft ?

  • Download  Minecraft Forge
  • Download API Curios
  • Download Angel Ring Mod
  • Double click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded «API Curios» file into the .minecraft / mods folder
  • Paste the downloaded file from the mod into the .minecraft / mods folder
  • Enjoy the flight in survival mode!

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