AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+] 1

AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+]

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Help prevent unwanted players from GRIEFING your world, avoid unecessary explosions – make TNT fly like a rocket or be strucked by lightning to prevent explosions! Feeling confidential? Allow players to build in your world, but ban certain items – such as TNT, Spawn Eggs and more – to a certain player! Now can be available with ease with this amazing AntiGrief Function’s Pack!

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v1.5

Getting Started

A. Download and Import

 That is easy as 1-2-3! You can easily do this by following these three easy steps, as follows:

  1. Download There are .mcpack and .zip file types available for your convenience! Pick ones that are more easy for you to install.
  2. Import or Install Once downloaded, you can either: Import the .mcpack where you simply open the file and it’ll be imported in your world to play; or, Install manually by .zip in which you extract the file, then moving it in your behavior_pack’s Minecraft file directory.
  3. Apply in your Minecraft world and enjoy! 

B. Function’s Pack Setup

  No need to set up! As soon as you enter the world, the function’s pack should immediately protect your world from being griefed!

Function’s Pack Usage

A. Commands Available

  • Type /function ag/help in the chat to see the help menu. If you can’t access it, set up the function’s pack first!
  •  Here’s a list of the available commands:

AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+] 2

B. End Crystals

  • End Crystals are usually found in the End, it may look cool for some decoration, but it can deal violent explosion when accidentally touched for example!
  • You can enable or disable end crystals in your world by typing /function ag/endcrystal-on or /function ag/endcrystal-off respectively.

AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+] 3

C. TNT Explosions

  • Unlike the End Crystals, TNT is less violent but can be activated and hidden with Redstone which makes it dangerous as well! Can be used for traps, trolling, etc. which yoi may not want.
  • With this function’s pack, you can customize how TNT’s will unexpectedly fuse in your world!

AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+] 4AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+] 5

D. Movement Banning

  • Allows you to prevent unexpected joined players to be banned from doing anything else! The ban might evade if the player changes its user name.
  • To ban a certain player, type the following in the chat: /tag [PLAYER] add ag-moveban or /tag [PLAYER] add ag-moveunban to unban instead.

AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+] 6

E. Item Banning

  • You feel worried about your friend griefing your world. But, you can’t be sure if he/she really will? Try this command as it allows you to ban certain items on certain players only!
  • To ban a certain player from using some Griefing Items, try typing the following command: /tag [PLAYER] add ag-itemban or /tag [PLAYER] add ag-itemunban instead if you want to unban.
  • Some list of items included in the ban are as follows: TNT, Lava BucketsFlint & Steel, All Spawn Eggs, and End Crystal.

AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+] 7

AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+] 8

F. Clearlag

  • Clearlag helps reduce lag in your world be making dropped items despawn at once.
  • To use this feature, type /function ag/clearlag in the in-game chat.

AntiGrief+ (Function’s Pack) [v1.11+] 9

  • Added Lava Bucket into the item banning lists. Item banning someone also means banning them from having even 1 second to hold the lava bucket in their hand!
  • Setup tweaked for protection. Based on tests, since op-ed players can break command blocks, it is recommended to op players if they are ONLY TRUSTED. With this new setup mechanics, it is instead recommended to setup the function pack in a safe but accessible area!
  • Text tweaks. Fixed some texts, to avoid misunderstanding when using the function pack.
  • Thumbnail update. Updated thumbnail with more detailed representation of the function pack itself.
  • Zero setup required. You can now instantly hop in without needing of any setup! Easy, fast, and more secure.
  • Bug fixes. Some texts neither appear in proper ways, and sometimes some features don’t work – is now fixed!
  • Added Clearlag function. Read info description above.
  • Optimized Banned states. It is now easy to know and distinguish who’s currently banned.


  • MCPACK: once opened, Minecraft will automatically import the pack for you. Apply it into your world and enjoy
  • ZIP: manually install the pack by extracting it then moving it into yout behavior_pack’s Minecraft folder.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 (beta)

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