Arkcraft Add-on

Arkcraft Add-on V4

File Name : Arkcraft Add-on
Game Verision: mcpe 1.14
Manager : Alex587
Date Create: 04/11/2019
Date Update: 08/02/2020
File size: 3.61 MB

This Add-on adds more than 10 entities with unique abilities to your minecraft

 and also new blocks, and objects that will help make playing with your friends more fun.

 #Note only use the latest version of the game and in an experimental way otherwise the crafting and the complement could suffer serious errors, it is recommended to use without other add-ons that add new entities, this to avoid bugs

 This addon brings new blocks which are:

metal plate: very important item

Arkcraft Add-on V4 1

Hyperreality lapis: also important item, its texture was changed, ## in the links where all the crafters are, the texture is very similar to that of the blue dye please do not confuse

Arkcraft Add-on V4 2

1. Improved stone: It takes 60 seconds to destroy it with or without a beak, but you can use the grenade or break it much easier,

 It is made with 8 cementing paste and 1 leather chest as follows:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 3

2. Metal structure: Lasts 8 minutes breaking with or without a beak, the grenade will not work to destroy this block, so you must obtain the C4 with ka that if you could destroy it,

 It is made with 4 metal plates and 4 cementing paste as follows:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 4

3. Tek structure: This is the strongest block of this complement, so it takes 20 minutes to destroy it, it cannot be broken with explosives, to do so you will need 3 of the element that can only be obtained by killing the wither that will release 0 to 6 and 3 Metal structures, it is done as follows:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 5

new items:

escargot slime: extracted from achatina is very useful for the skin, healing for a few seconds and removing nausea:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 6

Mount for mammoth: with this mount you can control the mammoth:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 7

mount for three: with this mount in addition to controlling the mammoth you can take 2 companions:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 8

1. Oil gallon: This object is made with the oil that is obtained only by killing trilobites, the gallon of oil is used to make a lava cube only by the blast furnace, the crafts that the gallon of oil has are:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 9
Arkcraft Add-on V4 10

2. Eggs: Each entity that can lay eggs such as dodo, pulmonoscorpius or yutyrannus give an unfertilized egg (only edible, and they are very nutritious one that stands out is that of the yutyrannus that gives strength for 10 seconds amplified by 3, you can Fertilize the eggs with a chicken egg on the crafting table, eggs of the entities:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 11

3.Cementing paste: it is created with 9 concrete of any color on the crafting table and serves for other different crafting, crafting:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 12

4.element: At the moment it can only be obtained by killing the wither that as maximi daria 6, is a valuable and very useful material.

6-Pomegranate: uncontrollable explosive with large explosion radius but little destruction, is cracked as follows:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 13

7.C4: Powerful explosive that can destroy the metal block and the least resistant to it, to use it you should know that it is very sticky so it adheres to the walls and ceilings, if the c4 is not exploding you can deactivate it with scissors , also can only be activated with a detonator and will explode two seconds later, cracking mode:

 A- First you have to make the C4 component that is made with slime and redstone powder around which in turn is done with two redstone on a crafting table or putting redstone an oven to cook, crawling of the 2 items:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 14
Arkcraft Add-on V4 15

B- You have to make the detonator but you have 2 since one is used in the C4 and the other to activate it, you need 2 iron plates, 1 redstone block, 1 iron trapdoor, 1 iron bar, it is made of the following form:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 16

C- With 2 C4 components, a detonator and 6 grenades creates the C4 to destroy, cracking:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 17

8.detonador: item that works to make the explosion in C4.

9. helicoprion tooth: used to make a necklace that in turn gives the player strength 2 until it dies

Arkcraft Add-on V4 18

10. Helicopion Shark fin ,serves to make soup and in turn the soup cures your hunger

Arkcraft Add-on V4 19

new entities:

 Hesperornis: it is used to obtain bottles of experience and eggs that will naturally put them over a period of time, which you can eat or put on the crafting table to get 30 oil, it appears on the coasts and this mob does not follow you when you have food in your hand, only that it has a great attraction to items thrown on the floor so you should take it by throwing fish and making them follow them.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 20

Dodo: It is a domesticable hen that appears only on coasts, it is very silly an example of this is that when it is domesticated it fights with its companions and with the savages, but something very beautiful of this entity is that it can be painted of all dyes Minecraft also has a bottle of honey, tamed with berries and seeds.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 21

 Trilobite: it is a simple entity that appears only in the coral seas and is the only option when it comes to getting oil, it is also possible to take it home with a cage.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 22

Dune pulmonoscorpius: the entity is very epic but very insignificant since it only attacks rabbits and poisons, but not the players also dies of a simple blow, but it can get to throw throwing bottles of poison and only appears in the deserts.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 23

Ovis Aries: in this entity you can find the Ovis and the Aries that are different, to differentiate them see if it has horns it is the Aries and if not, it is the Ovis, now well apart from that the entity looks like a bone sheep you can painting with dyes and it can be shaved also gives more wool, but although it is useful it has a disadvantage which is that it attacks all that is human can be villagers, players even the illager also if you are at a distance of more than 5 blocks This entity will attack you with charge which will increase its damage, the Aries have more damage than the Ovis, they are generated in Extreme Hills.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 24

Pulmonoscorpius: Domesticable with rotten meat; This legendary entity appears in extreme hills and in the deserts, attacks and paralyzes the players, also when it is at night it goes to the cave where it was born and sleeps, although it can be raised if it receives any damage and goes into sleepwalking mode which makes it attack all mob except those of its own race, when it is domesticated it can be very helpful for its poison and can be mounted with a mount of pulmonoscorpius that is done as follows:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 25
Arkcraft Add-on V4 26

Daeodon: it appears only in the mega taiga and is tame with cakes, you can also mount it but you can only handle it with a fishing rod, you can also create and equip a chest with ropes to have a large inventory, it has an incredible jumping power and style of armor:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 27
Arkcraft Add-on V4 28

Leader Daeodon: It is very difficult to see it and it is like the daeodon only that white and more powerful becoming a boss to fear, when you manage to tame it you can equip him the same as the daeodon.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 29

It’s time to start mentioning the strongest being at the moment in Arkcraft addon, which is:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 30

Yutyrannus: this beast is only present in the mega taiga, it is also very loud and powerful, so it is advisable to get away from this entity unless it is a baby you are facing, so you can tame it much easier with sheep meat , it is not mountable but that does not take away the epic since when a mon is at a distance of 5 or more blocks your pet will make a shout that will give you and your pets strength for 3 minutes maximum, their egg also gives strength 3 for 10 seconds

Arkcraft Add-on V4 31

yutyrannus tamed: when tamed he has a skill called scream of rage that makes when the mob is a little close, it gives the player and his pets strength for a while

Arkcraft Add-on V4 32

Doedicurus: It is a neutral animal which commonly appears in flower biomes and rarely in plains and taigas. His diet is exclusive of berries and, if you give him many, he will become your friend.

 This friend can be assembled, to handle it and open the inventory of his mount, and if you hit him with a stick you can activate and deactivate that he breaks and collect blocks of rock and variants.

At night, and if he is in poor health, he gets into his shell by becoming immune to projectiles and becoming much more resistant to damage.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 33
Arkcraft Add-on V4 34
Arkcraft Add-on V4 35

Micro Raptor: This feathered animal is very fast and jumps very high, falling slowly while planning with its wings. It can be tamed with meat and is quite independent from hunting, although it lives in small groups. It appears in plains.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 36

Pegomastax: Watch out! You can remove items from your inventory, and you will never see them again. Their behavior is to flee from the players and rarely hit them to steal their objects, and also attack the nearby peaceful animals.

 The pegomastax is a delicious bonus mob for the players, since it picks up all the objects it finds on the ground and, when killed, drops them.

 He can be our friend giving him berries, and in this way we can see his inventory without killing him … Although he is a bit silly and prefers to go looking for objects to follow us. It appears in plains and taigas.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 37

Compy: It is a weak animal with 10 hearts of health, very fast and with half a heart of damage, which hunts in large herds peaceful animals and the player working as a team. With a little meat it will be your friend, but if you only take one or two with you, I doubt they can live long. It appears in all temperate biomes.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 38

Alvarezsaurus: Very similar to compy, this dino hunts in a group, but … ONLY SPIDERS AND SCORPIPONS! His bite is very strong (deals 5 damage hearts) and hunts in a pack, since each one has the same health as a compy. Soon we will remove a patch where this friend will remove the bark of the trees and, when stepped on, will be more agile. It is felled with an object that is made with unfermented scorpion eggs and fermented spider eyes. It appears where the compy.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 39

Thorny demon:

It is a small lizard which moves very slowly and is peaceful, but if a player approaches a radius of 6 blocks to him, he will spit through his eyes

Arkcraft Add-on V4 40

Thorny dragon:

The newly named friends, in prehistory, were colossal.

 The thorny dragon poison, slow down, blind and weaken players and threats by firing thorns from their tail. It is eaten with berries and, when it is your friend, you can give it a mount for two players and an armor so that it receives less damage. It appears in deserts.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 41
Arkcraft Add-on V4 42
Arkcraft Add-on V4 43


He is a chief who appears in flowering forests, only on wool and blocks of wheat. His blows are devastating and he hits the players with his horn, breaking the blocks around him. At death he gives a LOT OF MEAT AND WOOL plus a nice wall trophy. In the future it will have a version that will drop element, a “futuristic version”.

 Lucky to kill him, he has 250 hearts, health and endurance 2 .

Arkcraft Add-on V4 44
Arkcraft Add-on V4 45


It appears in warm oceans. It has 100 hearts of health and resistance 2. It is peaceful and is altered by not being in water. When he dies, he releases with 50% chance if killed by a player, his skull, which can be used in the elaboration of diamond armor.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 46


He is an easy boss, with 50 hearts of health and 20 hearts of damage. It can kill you quickly if you don’t have a strategy, and don’t try to lock it up because it always knows how to escape because of its great intelligence. Do you want to cover yourself with your shield? Take more than one, because it destroys them quickly. Drop 2 to 24 feathers and 2 to 24 quality meat.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 47

helicoprion: the waters are no longer safe since this entity is coming to the arkcraft Add-on, it has 30 hearts of health, it does – of damage giving the player bleeding and also when you are a block away it will make you bleed heavily, the helicoprion is so powerful that it will destroy your boat and then kill you, give 1 scale and fish, with great difficulty it can give you one of its teeth that will serve to make a powerful item, it appears in hot oceans.

Arkcraft Add-on V4 48

leach: usually can be found in the swamps, they stick to your body and give you effects.

they have different types of variants in them:

1.Normal leach: It gives poison effect and is the most common

Arkcraft Add-on V4 49

2.Paralyzing leach: paralyze players:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 50

3.Infected leach: gives deadly poison effect:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 51

Round leach: gives speed effects like “haste” and “speed” but also gives “wither” effect:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 52

Vampire leach: gives effects of slowness and blindness:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 53

medic leach: gives effect of “wither” and “regeneration”:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 54

Aberrant Leach: makes you a zombie giving you effects and a fungus on your head: 

Arkcraft Add-on V4 55

improvements in entities: pulmonoscorpius: it has been added its Tek frame that is crafted with element, the normal pulmonoscorpius mount and iron blocks as follows:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 56

and when he has it on, his range of attack range increases by becoming a powerful pet and adding a nice style:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 57

daeodon: its tek mount is created with element and its normal mount plus iron, like this:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 58

and when he has it on, it gives him the power to stop bleeding the player and other mobs giving him a wither effect for 10 seconds, and you will not need cane with carrot to control it and now you can control his jumps, his style is as follows:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 59

To help the dodo that was abandoned we add two new textures which are the fluorescent that only appears naturally and the honey color that can be given with a bottle of honey:

Arkcraft Add-on V4 60

this addon you have to be downloaded from mcpedl only, if not please download it, do not support this type of piracy. 

please leave direct link to this page if you make a video about this addon.

find all the variants of dodos, you can download the information from the ones below.Select version for changelog:  1.0.7 1.0.6 1.0.5 1.0.4 1.0.3 1.0.2 1.0.1 Changelog

Now neither the seas nor the swamps are safe

*helicoprion arrangement

New entities: Achatina, Leach with many variants and mamut

Created new model and animations for the Mega Raptor

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