Badlands PVP Arena

Badlands PVP Arena

File Name : Badlands PVP Arena
Game Verision:
Manager : TPBOSS909
Date Create: 22/02/2020
Date Update: 24/02/2020
File size: 4.15 MB

This is a PvP arena set on top of a Badlands mountain with scenic views and a redstone powered random loot drop system. This is a world to play with friends to see who’s better at PvP or just have fun! There is lots of varied loot so a good understanding of the different tiers of weapons and armour is essential. Also there are many different areas to enchant, forge and gain xp. Recommended number of players is 2-6, perfect for realms.

Badlands PVP Arena 1

Every 50 seconds, once you have started playing, droppers dispense loot for you to fight over and find.

Badlands PVP Arena 2

The winner is the last person standing so you need to stay alive at all costs.

Badlands PVP Arena 3

This map is based on a typical Mesa/ Badlands mountain with course dirt patches and trees to hide in, but there are also more open spaces for PvP combat! Other areas include patches of cobwebs, pits of lava and strips of soul sand. There is also a speed beacon to make battles more intense. Overall there are hundreds of possible items to get so every time you play it is always varied and interesting.Select version for changelog:  1.0.2 1.0.1 Changelog

Improved map and added new photos

Updated file to .mcworld and changed installation details.


Click on the link and choose Minecraft as your preferred app to open the file. 

With regrets this map is only one use but to keep having fun you can download the map

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