BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 1

BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+)

File Name : BetterBears Project
Game Verision: 1.14
Manager : mcfc
Date Create: 17/12/2019
Date Update: 17/12/2019
File size: 22 mb

Do you want to improve the behavior for bears? and some new behaviors for pandas??Then this add-on definitely for you! My project will change life for all bears, and specially added new types for bears!

What added my project? Here changelog, hope you like new bears ?❤️?

  • Added new bears!(black bears and grizly bears, you can find them in taiga biome; gray bears, you can find them in jungle and bamboo forest biomes!), Also polar bears have changes in face, claws texture!
  • Black bears, gray bears, grizly bears, polar bears now can pick up items and eat them, like a fox! But babies not pick up items and eat them! Here full list of items, which they can eat and pick up them: [apple, beef, bread, chicken, clownfish, cooked_beef, cooked_chicken, cooked_fish, cooked_porkchop, cooked_salmon, cookie, dried_kelp, fish, golden_apple, golden_carrot, honeycomb, melon, mushroom_stew, muttonCooked, muttonRaw, porkchop, pumpkin_pie, salmon, suspicious_stew, sweet_berries]
  • Polar bears after death not dropping fishes now, only carried item in his mouth, this also applies to black bears, gray bears, grizly bears!
  • Wild bears now can randomly sit and sleep day time,and when rain,but they not sleep in night time,and when tunderstorms[in day:under the tree,or if there are whole block above them, and in the caves]BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 2BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 3
  • When tamed black bears, gray bears, grizly bears, polar bears sleep, and if there are pandas, players and tamed mobs around them, they don’t wake up(but wild bears wake up, when tamed mobs around them!)
  • Tamed bears can sleep in day, night, thunder, rain! They like sleep a lot ??BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 4
  • Tamed bears have 60 hp, wild bears have 30 hp
  • Wild bears attack illagers, ravagers, vexes, fishes(except of pufferfish), and they not attack baby foxes now
  • Wild bears will have an angry look when their enemies are nearBetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 5BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 6BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 7BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 8
  • Tamed bears will attack your enemies only when they hit you, if player hit enemies they don’t attack!BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 9
  • Tamed bears only sit if you told them to sit(when your bear tamed,give him command to sit,then stand if you want them sit again you need use crouching), also tamed bears have 3D collars, you can dye them!BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 10
  • You can ride tamed bears(first give command to sit and then give them command to stand, and now you can ride them, but sit command will work after that only, when you use crouching), also you can put saddle on tamed bears, they don’t have inventory and drop saddle only when died)BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 11BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 12BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 13BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 14
  • Saddle will change texture when tamed bears sleep
  • Tamed bears have a special texture for saddle
  • Wild and tamed baby bears can grow,if you feed them next items: [clownfish, cooked_fish, cooked_salmon, fish, honeycomb, salmon, sweet_berries]
  • Wild and tamed bears can be tempted,if you have in your hands next items: [clownfish, cooked_fish, cooked_slamon, fish, honeycomb, salmon, sweet_berries]
  • Tamed bears don’t take damage from falling!
  • Ravagers avoiding bears(expect pandas)
  • Wild bears can be tamed,if you feed them cookies(babies can’t tamed,you need first grow them, then feed them cookies), if tamed bears have a baby, texture for baby head wil change with tamed look, but tamed baby will ignore you, you need grow him, and give him cookies, and after that bear now your pet)
  • Tamed can be heal with next items: [apple recover 10 hp, beef recover 20 hp, bread recover 20 hp, chicken recover 20 hp, clownfish recover 20, cooked_beef recover 30 hp, cooked_chicken recover 30 hp, cooked_fish recover 30 hp, cooked_porkchop recover 30 hp, cooked_salmon recover 30 hp, cookie recover 30 hp, fish recover 20 hp, muttonRaw recover 20 hp, muttonCooked recover 20 hp, porkchop recover 20, salmon recover 20 hp]
  • Bears now use delayed attack, polar bears have small changes in attack animation, new bears also have attack animation
  • You can leash new bears
  • Bears can be stolen, when leashed
  • You can leash pandas nowBetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 15
  • Pandas can eat  more items now and tempted with them,also can drink now!(babies can be tempted and grow only with apple, bamboo, cookie). Full list of items: [apple, bamboo, bread, cake, clownfish, cooked_fish, cooked_salmon, cookie, fish, honey_bottle, honeycomb, egg, melon, pumpkin_pie, salmon, sugar, sweet_berries, reeds(sugar_canes)]BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 16BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 17BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 18BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 19
  • Pandas can sleep in night time(also when rain and thunderstorm), they can sleep in day time(when thunderstorm), they not wake up if players, bears, tamed mobs around them!BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 20
  • Pandas can sleep together with others bears!BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 21
  • Agressive pandas and worried pandas can’t sleepBetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 22
  • Pandas have an angry look when you or mob hurt themBetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 23
  • Pandas use delayed attack now,and have attack animation!BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 24
  • Pandas have brows now in textures!
  • Fixed panda sneezing animation!
  • Fixed panda thunderstorm animation!BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 25BetterBears Project (1.13.0 release and 1.14.04+) 26
  • Fixed leg position to liying baby pandas!
  • Fixed position to body when panda sit(in vanilla her body was a little in the ground
  • Now pandas use head rotation “-90” when sitting(in vanilla her head use rotation “-100”
  • Ears now animated for all animations to pandas!
  • Movement for lying pandas now “0.16”
  • When baby panda sneezing, he have a better chance to drop slimeballs now

  • Very much sorry for not the right links to download the addon, I hope now everything will be fine!

Missing features:

  • Pandas have changes in eating animation (animated legs)
  • You can’t give items to pandas, you need drop item for them
  • Baby pandas not follow parents
  • Baby bears not follow parents
  • Bears can roar in night time
  • Bears have new sounds for attack

Fixed bugs:

  • Pandas can’t drink water_bottles
  • Pandas can’t be tempted by water_bottles

That all , what i missed in changelog and forget fix bugs with pandas

Remember: New features work only if experimental gameplay turned!

What new:

  • BetterBears work now without experimental gameplay!
  • BetterBears now support 1.13.0!
  • Updated manifests


Adds not included in download links!

Download both packs, then import them in game


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 – 1.14 (beta)

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