Colorful Armor Mod

Colorful Armor Mod

File Name : Colorful Armor Mod
Game Verision: MC 1.15.1
Manager : Torquebolt20
Date Create: 16/06/2013
Date Update: 16/01/2020
File size: 1.37 MB

Colorful Armor is a mod that will allow us to use Minecraft default dyes to dye or dye the various pieces of chain, iron, gold and diamond chain armor. As we can see in the image above, we can dye armor pieces of any color. We can also remove the dye once applied, if we wish.

In addition to being able to use the predetermined dyes of the game to dye, or dye, the predetermined reinforcements, the mod will allow us to manufacture, by adding the corresponding recipes, the chainmail armor and the sponge. The sponge will help us to remove the dye of any armor we have dyed.

How to install Colorful Armor Mod

  • Download  Minecraft Forge
  • Download Colorful Armor Mod
  • Double click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded file from the mod into the .minecraft / mods folder
  • It’s time to color the armor!

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