Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle [CHA&S]

A few days ago I was playing Minecraft on a server and realized how hard it was for me to find any horse armour and saddles. So instead of spending hours searching for dungeons I decided to instead create a mod that some balanced recopies instead.


Version CHA&S v1.2
Release Type Release
Manager EwyBoy
Created 12 October 2014
Update 4 March 2015
Support 1.8.2,1.8.1,1.7.10

Screenshot :

On servers:
Are you playing on a server where all the dungeons are raided? Now you can craft this stuff.

The mod should work for every 1.7 and 1.8 version of Minecraft.

There is a gradual increase in the defense given from a horse wearing the different types of armor:

Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle
(You can use any color of wool for the recipes, not just those on the picture below)

Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle 2
Alternative old recipes form pre-13w16a to  pre-13w18a
How to enable:

Alternative recipe (Has to be enabled in config file found at (“Your MC Location”\minecraft\config)
Open craftablehorsearmour.cfg file with any text editor

This should look like this:

# Turn on the old horse armour recipes from the pre-13w18a snapshot [default: false]
B:”Old Horse Armour Recipe”= false <— (Change this from false to true)

# Turn on the old horse armour recipes from the pre-13w16a snapshot [default: false]
B:”Old Saddle Recipe”= false <— (Change this from false to true)

Save it!

Old Recipes is now enabled!

Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle 3
Default Recipe:
Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle 4

Alternative(Enable in config): 

Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle 5



CHA&S v1.2 1.8.2 Download Now
CHA&S v1.2 1.7.10 Download Now

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