Craftable Mob Eggs V1 1

Craftable Mob Eggs V1

File Name : Craftable Mob Eggs V1
Game Verision: MCPE 1.15
Manager : TheBlindBandit6
Date Create: 22/02/2020
Date Update: 22/02/2020
File size: 110.87 KB

This pack adds the ability to craft all forms of mob eggs to allow for a wider range of farming in survival including the ability to craft spawners as well.

(Enable Experimental Gameplay to use)

This add on adds multiple crafting recipes to allow players to craft mob eggs in survival, as well as spawners to allow the farming of every mob in the game.

To craft the spawn eggs you first need to craft the base for the egg and then a core for the type of mob you wish to make an egg for. Each core has a unique crafting recipe combining the main items associated with each mob.

Egg Base recipe:

Craftable Mob Eggs V1 2

Chicken Core recipe:

Craftable Mob Eggs V1 3

To craft the spawner you need to craft the mesh for the spawner and summoning flames to then combine and end up with a spawner. This allows you to use the crafted mob egg on the spawner to allow for farming of a much wider variety of mobs.

Spawner Mesh recipe:

Craftable Mob Eggs V1 4

Summoning Flames recipe:

Craftable Mob Eggs V1 5

This add on could be used in a server setting where materials are more sparse and there are more people competing for resources and the natural spawners.

All the crafting recipes are fairly expensive as to allow for a more balanced way of obtaining these items in a survival setting.

Currently supported mobs are:










Polar Bear




All items currently included in the pack (as of V1):

Craftable Mob Eggs V1 6

More mobs will be supported in future versions of this addon.

Alternate versions of this add on could be created to incorporate custom mobs from other addons.Select version for changelog:  1.0.2 1.0.1 Changelog

Llama added but not properly implemented as it cannot be crafted in game yet.

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