[Creation] SpawnEgg House (1.0.6+ Only!)

This map includes a very special item which helps you to spawn structures in Minecraft. It’s something I actually have never visible finished before (without a mods) and I am no longer absolutely sure how the writer made this viable. Hopefully we’ll get a proof from him quickly, but if now not, please inspect and proportion your information about it in the comments phase. It will blow your mind! Edit: Ok, people seems to have found out how to do it in the remarks.

Maps Creator: SpartanRage,

How to spawn a house?

Open the chest at spawn and take one of the spawn eggs.

Find the area where you want to spawn the house. I recommend using a flat area like this one. “Roulette” is a really good seed if you are looking for a flat world terrain.

Use the spawn egg to spawn the house. It works just the same way as spawning a mob, except that it will be spawning a structure.

You can even enter the house and inside you will find things such as an anvil and chests with items.

Important: This map requires version 1.0.6 or higher.

Download Maps free for minecraft PE:

SpawnEgg House .McWorld
SpawnEgg House .ZIP

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