Deer Concept Add-on 1

Deer Concept Add-on

File Name : Deer Concept Add-on
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14, 1.13
Manager : HebertRD
Date Create: 21/02/2020
Date Update: 21/02/2020
File size:

One of the things I always felt could exist in minecraft is deer! In real life they are very beautiful and in minecraft they could serve as a new mount or even a pet and give some usefulness to him.

In this addon, the deer are sweet, untamed animals that can be found in savannas and extreme hills, currently they drop leather and meat, but I plan to change that in the next updates.

  • health Points: 10

all textures and models were thought and made by me.

Deer Concept Add-on 2
Deer Concept Add-on 3
Deer Concept Add-on 4

Deer Family ?

Deer Concept Add-on 5

Baby Deer ?

In this addon I tried to portray how I imagine a deer in the game would be, enjoy!Select version for changelog:  1.0.1 Changelog

  • Speed adjustments
  • Bug when walking fixed
  • Description adjustments
  • Bug in texture fixed

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