Dodos Add-on 1

Dodos Add-on

File Name : Dodos Add-on
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : Alex587
Date Create: 16/09/2019
Date Update: 16/09/2019
File size: 910 KB

This add-on adds the dodos that can be tamed, painted and fought between players.

the dodos have space to store things but do not support the weight of the players

if you liked this complement go to our twitter to give us ideas about creatures that would be good in Minecraft

In this addon you can find addons that are generated on the beaches.

Dodos Add-on 2

The wild dodos can lay eggs every 300-600 seconds.

Dodos Add-on 3

You can paint them of all the dyes that are and expect beautiful styles.

Some styles are:

Dodos Add-on 4

Dodos Add-on 5

Dodos Add-on 6

To remove the dye and put another one you need a bucket of water.

they are also domesticable with seeds, but the domesticated attack the dodos and the domesticated dodos.

To get more dodos you need the egg of a dodo and a chicken egg so that it is fermented, and can create dodos:

Dodos Add-on 7

Dodos Add-on 8

Dodos Add-on 9

To open the dodo inventory, you have to mount it but before that you can has to sit it to open your inventory, because he can’t take you.

The dodos have 20 lives and 1 of damage

They can give swag leather, chicken and some feathers.

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