Dragon Morph Add-on 1

Dragon Morph Add-on

File Name : Dragon Morph Add-on
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13, 1.12
Manager : LegitDragonb0y
Date Create: 20/08/2019
Date Update: 22/08/2019
File size: 307 KB

This is an add-on which lets you morph into an ender dragon with the flying effect. Experience Minecraft as the one and only Ender Dragon – definitely something else than playing as Steve or Alex! ?

How to Morph: First you need the armor stand and rename them to “Dragon”, after you will be see your self you turned into ender dragon.

Dragon Morph Add-on 2

How to Fly: after morphing you will be get in your hotbar splash potion, throw them to fly.

Dragon Morph Add-on 3

How to Remove the Morph: it’s simple, you need to write on your chats “/function remove”.

Dragon Morph Add-on 4


How to install the add-on: click on the file than export them on Minecraft.

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