Elephants! Add-On

Elephants! Add-On

File Name : Elephants! Add-On
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13, 1.14
Manager : mno
Date Create: 03/02/2020
Date Update: 05/02/2020
File size: 406.46 KB

Time for some big ol’ elephants, ¡Elefantes grandes! And they can be all yours. Well, not the ones I’ve already tamed. They’re mine. If I can remember where I put them. A room somewhere….

Find these majestic beasts in Savanna Plateaus (such a hard word to spell) and Desert Oases (lake in a desert, basically). Tame them like you would horses, sit on them. Except all elephants (well, all of these elephants) don’t like players! Yes, that includes you. They don’t like you. Don’t worry, they don’t like me either, I learned to get over it though. Just give it some time and you’ll be fine. Time heals everything and all that jazz….

Where was I… Oh! They don’t like you, so they’ll attack you. If you get knocked off, they’ll attack you. You can’t tame the smaller guys, so, watch out for them. Once tamed, put a saddle on them (funny how horse saddles fit other animals) and if you have gold horse armor, that’ll fit just fine. It will also reduce fall damage and prevent most melee-type damage. Projectile and magic are still threats.

Elephants! Add-On 1

They jump like elephants! Which is to say, they don’t really jump much at all, you’ll see.

You can heal them with wheat, melons, apples (maybe?).

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