Evolutionary Helper MOD (Add-on)

This MOD improves 3 mobs in the game namely pig, chicken and cow. Giving them an ability to evolve using the Evolution Potion. After evolving, they will become tameable and gain bonus stats.

How to use:

Go close to the mob then click Evolve. After it evolved, click Tame. 

1. Chicken > Phantom


– The phantom will attack all the monsters on the area where you evolve it.

– Attacks what you attack and what attacked you. (effective only on the area where you evolved it)

– Have more attack damage.

Note: It wont follow you. So it’s better to evolve it in your base or somewhere near. It will act like a security drone attacking invaders.

2. Cow > Ravager


– Fully mountable. You can control it like a regular horse except it won’t jump.

– Leashable. You can leash it like other leashable mobs. So it won’t wander too far.

– Attacks monsters that will go nearby. (so leashing it before leaving is highly recommended.)

– Have more attack damage.

3. Pig > Iron Golem


– You can me it follow you. And also make it guard an area.

– It attacks what you attack and what attacked you.

– Increased HP.

– Have more attack damage.

Now you can go far away very safely riding on your Ravager with your Iron Golem while your Phantom is guarding your house!

That’s all. I hope you will enjoy it. And also more to come in the future. Drop down below your comments and suggestions. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

PS: Why pig, chicken and cow? Because they are the most basic mobs. Very easy to see, catch and breed.


Download both behaviour and resource pack. They need each other. 😉


Supported Minecraft versions


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