Fly UI 1

Fly UI

File Name : Fly UI
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Manager : _marcjones_
Date Create: 07/04/2019
Date Update: 20/01/2020
File size: 1.01 MB

Change the style of the default UI with Fly UI Beta. This project was conceived as the creation of an unlike anything GUI for Minecraft. You will probably notice a resemblance to Minecraft Launcher. Yes! Minecraft Launcher inspired us to create this.

Fly UI Beta brings a completely new GUI style! This is something original and unique. What we would like to see in Minecraft Bedrock from our point of view. We were inspired by Minecraft Launcher and did it. There is much more to come. After the release of the Hummingbird UI Framework, we will still support and develop the project. Do you like it?

  Modified screens

Fly UI 2

Main menu screen.

Fly UI 3

Settings screen. 

Fly UI 4

World Create Screen.

Fly UI 5

How To Play Screen.

Fly UI 6

Play Screen.

Fly UI 7

Add External Server Screen.

Fly UI 8

Login Screen (custom).

Used licenses:

  •  Google Noto Font License

Warning! This UI is only compatible with Minecraft Beta and later. Earlier versions of the game (…1.12.1; … – don’t supported!

Update v1.0.1 public beta (path), August 10, 2019


• updated Start Screen;

• updated Settings screen;

• updated How to Play screen;

• added changeable background (plains/snowy plains/savanna);

• added mandatory login screen into Microsoft account;

• added “Debug” option.

Update (09/13/2019) v0109345612.beta (Beta 2):


• updated Main Menu Screen;

• updated Settings Screen;

• updated How To Play Screen;

• updated Play Screen;

• updated Add External Server Screen;

• updated World Templates Screen;

• updated World Create Screen;

• updated Login Screen.


• font “DefaultFont” is now controlled by Data-Driven;

• TTF fonts added: MojangRegular, NotoSansRegular, MinecraftSeven;

• updated the algorithm for blocking a user who does not have a Microsoft account.


• fixed a error where the user could not sign in the game with a Microsoft account (Xbox only).

Known issues:

• Gameplay items (Command Block, Chat etc.) have green components of the UI. This will be fixed in the next update.


• Download Fly UI Beta,

• Install the addon in the game settings,

• Good luck!

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