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Animatronics with malfunction want to catch you! You only have a flashlight and a mask as a defense and you must endure 6 horrible hours at Freddy´s Fazbear Pizza!

The popular horror game of 2014 FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY´S 2 is here in Minecraft with mechanics very similar to the original game!

The map includes:

  • Animatronic (NPC) and hostile animatronic!
  • sounds,
  • textures,
  • 3D models
  • 4 playable nights
  • Free Roam
  • 3 different languages ​​(only affects texts in English, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • custom load tips messages
  • and many mechanics!

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Hello … hello … hello … uh … WELCOME TO FREDDY FAZBEAR´S PIZZA !.

You are a nightly security guiardia that should watch the pizzeria animatronics! But there is something strange about them, THEY CAN MOVE WITH BAD INTENTIONS!

lasts the nights of 12:00 AM until 6:00 AM !, LOT LUCK!

You can play the normal default map mode or do Roleplay!


This map is still in BETA state, many things will be corrected and added in subsequent deliveries.

If you do not know how to use the mechanics there is a section of tutorials in the game menu!.

each night can last 7 minutes

This is a map that needs great resources for a normal game fluids,

the withered will come out in another update

The map needs great resources, it is recommended to play from Minecraft Windows 10

for mobiles the minimum speed is 3GB of RAM


  • Super Speed ​​Improvement for any device 2/2
  • Night 6
  • Custom Night
  • Withered Models
  • bug fixes

Now you can use the addon to use them on your maps!

Thanks for the support guys!

for the addon to work you need to download the texture and behaviors

  • Publication Improvements
  • Map bug fixes
  • Full Portuguese translation
  • Translation in all languages

Gameplay Video

more information in the publication for game use and for creators

Many bug fixes,

new donor,

new textures,

now you can download the addon

New “Toys” Models

Night 4

animatronics (NPC) and hostile animatronics

new textures of paintings

Some animatronics can walk, talk and attack!

the name was changed to FNAF 2 BETA 2 on the page, some errors were corrected on the map


  • Wait 5 seconds (do not accept any announcement or notification).
  • wait for the link to process.
  • Download it from mediafire
  • touch the downloaded mcworld file
  • PLAY


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