Fur Treaty Addon 1

Fur Treaty Addon

File Name : Fur Treaty Addon
Game Verision: MCPE 1.15, 1.14
Manager : Juaneitor22
Date Create: 26/02/2020
Date Update: 26/02/2020
File size: 55.71 KB

Fur Treaty is an addon that seeks to make obtaining leather in Minecraft a little more realistic and difficult. Adding a “SKIN TREATMENT” and developing new products to give more utility to leather.

This addon is not compatible with realms and it is necessary to activate the experimental game mode.

At first the most notorious thing will be that in your world the trees will have parts of their different trunks since the new blocks of this addon are dry trunks. By breaking them they will give you the trunk of their respective wood and a possibility of obtaining barks.

Fur Treaty Addon 2

the barks will serve you to make the tannin, (the tannin is actually used for the skin treat), it is crafted with 4 barks of the same wood

Fur Treaty Addon 3
Fur Treaty Addon 4

Then you will notice that killing cows, sheep, wolves, horses and pigs will give you their skins

Fur Treaty Addon 5

when you get them you will need a flint to carve them on a crafting table, and you will get clean skin. (The flint will not wear out)

Fur Treaty Addon 6

To begin the treatment of these skins you will need a barrel and a support for skins (exclusive of the addon), these do not have crafteos but you can find them in abandoned structures exclusive to this addon, they will naturally be generated by your world and they are not difficult to find

Fur Treaty Addon 7

when you have obtained these objects, you will place the barrel and you will need a bottle or bucket with water to fill it

Fur Treaty Addon 8

Once the barrel is full of water you can immerse the clean skin in it and get the skin

Fur Treaty Addon 9

To continue treating the skin you will fill another barrel with water and this is where the tanin is necessary, you can immerse it in the water and it will be dyed of the tanin

Fur Treaty Addon 10

In that dyed water you can immerse the skin and get a brown skin (moist skin)

Fur Treaty Addon 11
Fur Treaty Addon 12

Now you will need the skin support and in which you can hang the wet skin, in a span of 2 to 5 minutes the moist skin will turn into leather and you can remove it, but if you do not remove it in a lapse of 60 to 80 seconds, it will become in rotten meat

Fur Treaty Addon 13

Here ends the treatise of the skins, but with the leather it can be elaborated with several new things like:

Leather sheets are made with flint and with these you can make a new object

Fur Treaty Addon 14

With leather sheets you can make a larger number of books

Fur Treaty Addon 15

You can also make a leather band type that will give you regeneration 4 for 1 second

Fur Treaty Addon 16



-It is necessary to activate the experimental game mode

-If you don’t understand English, you won’t understand the addon, so you better pass all this text to google translator ?



-Debes activar el modo juego experimental

-Debes pasar todo el texto a google traductor si no entiendes ingles para poder entender el addon


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