GTA SA HUD beta 0.0.6 1

GTA SA HUD beta 0.0.6

File Name : GTA SA HUD beta 0.0.6
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : Kryston
Date Create: 07/09/2019
Date Update: 07/09/2019
File size: 52 KB

Ever wanted to spice up your Minecraft experience and visit nostalgia?

Well this is the HUD pack for you
Everything is in the top right including hearts and hunger and bubbles and armor including your XP bar (Still Unfinished)

This hud is a very game changing experience for myself

It started as a way to entertain myself and after some time I noticed that making a hud is easy for me so I questioned myself “What to base it on?” and I looked at my games and saw GTA SA and I said “Hmm….. This will be interesting” and it is and I so far like my progress so i’d like to share the beta with you all

I’d must admit its a REAL interesting journey so far and I been thinking that this hud thing can go further but I am making this for fun and its to entertain my brother ?

Please I don’t have much to say so plz report bugs ‘n stuff

GTA SA HUD beta 0.0.6 2

I know its says education edition but its for bedrock edition

Please know this is the beta so there are some known bugs like

Known Bugs:

  • Heart and other rendering stuff breaks
  • Some items aren’t rendered correctly
  • Doesn’t really support both scoreboards and bossbars at the same time
  • Horse health have been deleted(Temporarily until I find a place)
  • Not that well with absorption and health boost
  • Tend to not load on some devices (Windows 10 edition users have no problem)

  • Fixed ability to use both pocket and classic UI
  • Now able to use this in a world or multiplayer with ease


To install you must open the mcpack and load it in your minecraft

After that’s done you need to go in your setting

You must apply the hud to global or it won’t work very well

When you join a game or world you should see the hud

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