Happy Villagers Addon

Happy Villagers Addon

File Name : Happy Villagers Addon
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Manager : YeskyTan2
Date Create: 23/02/2020
Date Update: 23/02/2020
File size: 891.23

Are you dreaming the villagers comes alive in minecraft?

Are you bored hearing sound “hmmmm”, “hmmmmmmm” and “hhhhhmmmmmm”??

Introduce you “Happy Villagers addon”. This addon aims to make the vilaggers seem more like a real player.

Video Preview

The villagers in this addon really become a whole lot more interesting. Because the villagers seem more like a real player.

Villager Model & Skins

Happy Villagers Addon 1
  • The model of the villagers has changed into like player model.
Happy Villagers Addon 2
  • The texture of the villagers has changed with various skin that following their profession.
Happy Villagers Addon 3

Additional Villagers

This addon will not interesting if theres no more Variant for villagers.

  • Female Villagers
Happy Villagers Addon 4

Yes.. a female villagers. They are just like normal villagers with ability for farming, fishing, etc.

Happy Villagers Addon 5

Heatlh ammount of female villager more less than the normal villagers.

  • Guard villager

The Villagers must be need a guard to protect their house and their life from the dangerous thing.

Happy Villagers Addon 6
  • Priest villager

Priest is different with Cleric. This villager added for future update.


  • Manual Breed

Usually, the Villagers will falling in love each other automatically. In this addon you will able to breed the villagers manually by using “Diamond”/”Emerald”.

Q: But how?

A: Manual breed only for : 1 Male Villager (Except Guard) + 1 Female Villager = Then Random Gender Villager will be born.

  • Village Fast Growing

To make the Village looks realistic. Each Villagers can spawn another villager as their home mate.

Everytime the villagers spawned / everytime the villagers change their profession, another villagers with different profession / variant will spawned.

This make population in a village will increasing more fast than normal.

Happy Villagers Addon 7
  • Chat bubbles

If you tired hearing the villagers ambiance sound said “hmmmm” and “hmmmmmm”. In this addon the villagers will spawn chat bubbles above their head.

Happy Villagers Addon 8
  • Improvement Walk Path

In this addon, the villagers allowed to walk on various blocks like Stairs block, etc.


  1. Experimental Gameplay Enabled
  2. Mob Griefing (for farmer)



  1. Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  2. Install them by click/tap them
  3. Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed

Win 10

  1. Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  2. Install them by using right click and choose “open”
  3. Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed

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