Hello Animation Add-on (1.13-1.14) 1

Hello Animation Add-on (1.13-1.14)

File Name : Hello Animation Add-on (1.13-1.14)
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14, 1.13
Manager : Glass boy
Date Create: 22/02/2020
Date Update: 23/02/2020
File size: 381.2 KB

This resource pack makes it possible to greet your friends with a wave of your hand, though simple, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it. Thank you very much!  I I I I I I I

To activate the animation you will need to start sneaking.  Other players will need the pack installed for them to be able to see this new and cool greeting.

Hello Animation Add-on (1.13-1.14) 2

You do not: edit my resource pack.

You can: Post on your pages.

Please share to let more people know about this resource pack. Thank you!

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