Item-Indicator-Function Pack 1

Item-Indicator-Function Pack

File Name : Item-Indicator-Function Pack
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : MCPE_Map_Maker
Date Create: 13/09/2019
Date Update: 13/09/2019
File size: 368.08 KB

This Function Pack is made with only three short functions.
One is made to help you to install the function pack.
And the other two are for two different modes for displaying the amount of items near you.

First of course you must download it and then add it to your world (you find it under your behaviour packs section).

Then you type /function install  in the chat. You will get a short instruction.

Here is the same instruction:

  1. give yourselfe a command block
  2. type /function item_indicator_normal  or  /function item_indicator_nearest  in the        command block
  3. set the command block into repeat and always active

The function will detect alle items in a radius of five blocks from you.

when you type /function item_indicator_nearest, this will be displayed:
Item-Indicator-Function Pack 2
Here at this mode, only the nearest item from you will be displayed.

and when you type /function item_indicator_normal, this will be displayed:
Item-Indicator-Function Pack 3
Here at this mode, all items in a radius of five blocks and up to a count of 200 items will be displayed.

Unfortunately it is not possible to show the number of items e. g. 8 diamonds, only that there are diamonds.

But nevertheless I hope you like it.

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