Jicklus Texture Pack

Jicklus Texture Pack

File Name : Jicklus Texture Pack
Game Verision: MC 1.15.2
Manager : Jicklus
Date Create: 02/08/2019
Date Update: 18/02/2020
File size: 8.91 MB

Jicklus 1.15 is a texture package that aims to continue transmitting the same sensations offered by the game’s default textures, but with a more rustic and organic touch. The design of its textures is clear and well defined, with perhaps a little darker colors, which manage to transmit that rustic touch to the environment.

It is a texture package developed in the same resolution as the default Minecraft textures, so it will not be necessary to install Optifine, although it always comes in handy to optimize Minecraft performance.

Jicklus Texture Pack 1

A rustic touch, maintaining a style similar to the Minecraft graphic line.

How to install Jicklus Texture Pack for Minecraft?

  • Download Jicklus
  • Open the .minecraft / resourcepacks folder.
  • Paste the file downloaded from the pack, into “resourcepacks”.
  • It’s time to live in a world with a new look!

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