Kantai Collection Add-on 1

Kantai Collection Add-on

File Name : Kantai Collection Add-on
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Manager : ivon852
Date Create: 26/02/2020
Date Update: 26/02/2020
File size: 5.43 MB

This addon adds 3 new mobs to the game. Also one dive bomber for player. Kantai Collection (Combined Fleet Collection, Kancolle) is a Japanese web browser game. It’s a story about “Kanmusu”(Ship Girls) fight against Abyssal Fleet.

Currently, only 1 ship girl and 1 abyssal available. More will be added in the future update.

They all have voice, taken from the game.

Destroyer Shimakaze (島風)

Health: 36/36

Equipped with  3x  12.7cm dual gun

She will shoot 5x 61cm oxygen torpedo.

Kantai Collection Add-on 2

Battleship Abyssal Pacific Princess (太平洋深海棲姫)

Health: 900(Armor)/900

Equipped with 4x 16inch Mk.VIII Twin Gun Kai

She is very dangerous. You will need many ship girls to fight against her, or they will be killed easily.

Once they are defeated you will get lots of experiences.

Kantai Collection Add-on 3

Like this:

Kantai Collection Add-on 4

I included the battle bgm in the pack. If you like to listen to it please use the command:

/playsound pacific_princess.battle_bgm @p ~ ~ ~  1 1 1

Type 99 Dive Bomber (Val)

Don’t let your ship girl fight alone! Get on the bomber, and drop the bomb! (Right click or press the “Drop” button)

Look up to fly, look down to dive straightly.

Kantai Collection Add-on 5
Kantai Collection Add-on 6

Boku Kawauso (I am otter)

Boku Kawauso is a mystery creature originally drawn by voice actor Uchida Shou. Later it became one of the mascots of the game.

Health: 99/99

He only walk around and kill monster. He will not help you.

Kantai Collection Add-on 7

Known Issues

-Ship girl and abyssal will stop fighting each other randomly.

-Dive bomber is hard to aiming.


Remember to turn on “Experimental Gameplay” & Allow cheats.

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