KITPVP 2.0 1


File Name : KITPVP 2.0
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : Lgamer24
Date Create: 17/09/2019
Date Update: 21/09/2019
File size: 731.59 KB

Want to know which of you and your friends is the best in minecraft PVP… this map will let you know it! A map with 20+5 character kits to choose from, a 150×150 wide arena, and a shop to help you during the battle! An awesome battle and tournaments can happen! A battle royale!

This map contains:KITPVP 2.0 2

-Technically, a Hub of some kind…

KITPVP 2.0 3-Character kit choosing station

KITPVP 2.0 4-This wide arena over here!!

KITPVP 2.0 5KITPVP 2.0 6-These two shops with interesting stuffs!

Try a tournament with your friends and see who will get the most wins!!

(Sometimes, the game bugs, like when starting a game, it might suddenly take all of you back to the hub. If this happen, try to go back to the “game start” area again and directly start the fight already, since the timer will most likely won’t appear…){I’ll try to fix this someday}


-Download the file

-Rename/convert the file into a .zip file

-Decompress it (a folder should appear after it)

-Transfer the folder inside your minecraft world files

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