Loginigun Addon

Play with this mod if you are interested in games such as Portal, Portal 2, BC Portal and other games about PortalGun! A warning! This is just a parody! Not more!

This mod adds a cannon to your world, but it itself will not spawn. To spawn it, you need to take the call egg in the form of a gun and just click on the block on which you want to put it.

A gun without functionality, only a DECORATIVE FUNCTION!

I must tell you that the mod works ONLY on versions from to! On I don’t did! Sorry guys and girls!

The spawn egg at the gun has changed;

The amount of health in the gun has changed;

Fixed the name of the spawn egg at the gun.

Animation will be added in the next update!

Added spawn animation for the gun!

Now that you spawn the gun, it will play the animation!


I don’t know about supported versions, but on 1.13 and 1.12 works! If you find any bugs, write to my Twitter: @loginicum! Special thanks to three humans! Here’s their Twitter: @Prof_Magnumz, @HawfHuman and @ROBERTGAMER69!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 (beta)

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