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About MCPatcher HD

MCPatcher HD is one of the most useful tool which allow you to keep mods and resource pack operate perfectly together and also switch them without closing the game. Up there with OptiFine hear people suggesting perhaps the other or one, but both applications do pretty much the exact same stuff. They’re able to inform you when currently installed mods and source packs may interfere with the proper functionality of another before you launch Minecraft, plus they even inform you which bits are incompatible together, so you can quickly turn fully off usually the one bad items preserving you from playing your game.

Version mcpatcher-5.0.3
Release Type Release
Manager Kahr
Created 25 August 2011
Update 6 December 2014
Support 1.8.4

Screenshot :

MCPatcher 2 MCPatcher 3 MCPatcher 4 MCPatcher 5 MCPatcher 6 MCPatcher 7 MCPatcher 8 MCPatcher 9 MCPatcher 10

How to install

  • View video tutorial and screenshot

Download WorldEdit Free

mcpatcher-5.0.3 exe Download Now
mcpatcher-5.0.3 Jar Download Now

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