Mechs and Jetpacks – Addon

Mechs and Jetpacks – Addon

File Name : Mechs and Jetpacks – Addon
Game Verision:
Manager : mno
Date Create: 18/02/2020
Date Update: 18/02/2020
File size: 548.45

What do Mechs and Jetpacks have in common? They’re both in this pack! Other than that, hmmmmm…. They’re both lots of fun..? Yes they are! They both can be driven around? Yep. Flown/driven, sure. They both have pixels. YES they do! Wow, these things are more similar than I thought.

Get both of these particular items from your local armorer. Yes. they’ve been going to Advanced Armorer School, obtained their Diploma Of Advanced Armorer-Type Things IV. Well, some of them have, good luck with yours!


  • Lots of hit points
  • Jumps like it’s nobody’s business
  • Has a handy minigun on its roof
  • Runs very fast
  • Swims very fast
  • Repairable with redstone and/or iron ingots


  • A pack with a jet on it which enables the user to fly. Crazy, man.
  • Drops a jetpack when you ‘kill’ it (handy when you want to pack it away).
  • Look up to fly up, down to fly down, you know the drill!
Mechs and Jetpacks – Addon 1
Mechs and Jetpacks – Addon 2

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