medicine addon

Medicine Addon

File Name : Medicine Addon
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Manager : Uriel Zero over
Date Create: 26/02/2020
Date Update: 26/02/2020
File size: 23 KB

Medicine is add-on add a lot of objects used in professional medicine to facilitate the possibilities of regeneration of the player, this Addon can adapt to any type of game (PvP, PvE, Survival …)
This add-on add the next items

Medicine Addon 1

This new item It is used to create another 4 pills with different effects
Normal pills:

Medicine Addon 2

The base from the next pills:

Speed pills:

Gives speed from 2 minutes

Regeneration pills:

Gives regeneration from 2 minutes

Strength pills:

Gives strength from 2 minutes

Jump boost pills:

Gives jump boost from 2 minutes


Medicine Addon 3


Medicine Addon 4

Like the pills, this syringe has different variations

Normal Syringe

Medicine Addon 5

The base from the next syringes:

Poison syringe:

Gives poison from 3 minutes

Regeneration syringe:

Gives regeneration from 3 minutes

Harmless syringe:

Gives wither from 3 minutes


Medicine Addon 6

Liquid items:

Medicine from: Blindness

  1. Clear the blindness effect

Medicine from: Poison

  1. Clear the poison effect

Medicine from: Nausea

  1. Clear the nausea effect

Medicine from: Weakness

  1. Clear the weakness effect

Pepto bismol

  1. Clear the nausea effect
  2. Clear the poison effect
  3. Clear the hunger effect

Recipes: (Note: this recipes is from the brewing stand)

Medicine Addon 7

Other items:

Bandages: gives regeneration 2 from 1:30 minutes

Blessed: gives regeneration from 30 seconds

Pickups: gives regeneration 2 from 5 seconds

Medicine Addon 8

Bismuth: this item works to make the Pepto bismol

Medicine Addon 9

The most powerful item

First Aidkit:

Gives regeneration 5 from 5:00 minutes

Medicine Addon 10

Future plans:

  • Add doctor suit
  • Add more pills
  • Add more syringes
  • Add more uses to the bismuth

How To Installation Medicine Addon

You need put the experimental gameplay to this add-on works

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