Minecraft Classic Add-on 1

Minecraft Classic Add-on

File Name : Minecraft Classic Add-on
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Manager : HerobrineLich
Date Create: 20/02/2020
Date Update: 22/02/2020
File size: 9.67 MB

Welcome to Minecraft Classic! For the first time in Bedrock Edition, enjoy the 1 and only Classic addon! Not only was the xp system removed, but for the first time ever; the OLD HUNGER is back!!!! 

Minecraft Classic Add-on 2


Let’s get into it! Mobs up first! Most new mobs will no longer spawn in the world and those that do have been altered. The creeper is restored to its dark shaded green and to the EnderMan his green eyes. In addition (this part literally took 10 hours to figure out) the EnderMan also has its old smoke effect! The villagers also received their old textures, though they have badges(I literally just added this in). The villagers will definitely be changed soon though.

Minecraft Classic Add-on 3

Alpha Systems

      Considering the time it took to make this, I could on for a long time about old blocks and stuff. But, I mean, Come on! The new systems are the awesome part!

       Starting with xp, the bar has been removed from your hud entirely. In addition, all mobs that still spawn in the game no longer drop xp so without commands, no xp. Simplest way to remove xp functionality? Remove xp itself!

         Hunger. Now for the good stuff. In Alpha through early Beta, no hunger existed. No regeneration. Food healed hearts. Simple. Looking through the creative inventory and trying random foods won’t heal anything. As it is food isn’t easy to change, so new items are easier. Their is actually only one item that can currently be eaten and that is steak, obtained from a pig as raw meat. Just as in early Minecraft, neither items stack. Yep! Cooking will be real fun now! So it’s as simple as that no more hunger. You take damage, you eat!


    This was an incredible journey to get here and there so many more unmentioned features to find. Miss the instant oxygen regain from pre-aquatic? It’s got that! Don’t like the enchanted item glow in a time before enchanting was even a thing? It has no enchant foil! Please do download and enjoy. Please let me know about bugs on my YouTube channel’s community tab. Thank You! And remember… watch out for creepers!


Minecraft Classic Add-on 4
Minecraft Classic Add-on 5
Minecraft Classic Add-on 6

Best experience with these settings!

Minecraft Classic Add-on 7
Minecraft Classic Add-on 8
Minecraft Classic Add-on 9



Make sure to have experimental gameplay on and natural regeneration off. Also make sure vid settings is on Classic, not pocket.

Note: future versions will be released changing minor things. The Rose has its old texture but is still poppy. In addition I will change the “You Died” message to “Game Over”

Stay alert for updates!

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