Minecraft PE Font Pack

The Minecraft Font Addon brings lower back the thick font this is used in Minecraft for Cyrillic and different languages which uses special characters. This way that if you are writing in English you received’t genuinely observe any distinction. It’s very beneficial though since it makes the text an awful lot more clean and clean to read for certain languages.


You will notice differences for signs, start screen, text chat or anywhere else that there is Cyrillic text (or other special characters) displayed.


Resource Pack Enabled: The difference should be obvious to most eyes. The Russian text is much thicker than before. I can’t say that I notice any difference for any of the other languages (Korean and Chinese). But by looking at the files I did see that there are more languages than Russian which have been thickened.

How to Installation

  1. Download MinecraftFont.mcpack Texture pack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack
  4. Restart Minecraft PE!

Download texture pack for Minecraft PE:

Minecraft Font Pack 


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