Minecraft Snapshot 20w07a

Minecraft Snapshot 20w07a Free Download

File Name : Minecraft Snapshot 20w07a Free Download
Game Verision: MC 1.16 Snapshot
Manager : Mojang
Date Create: 14/02/2020
Date Update: 14/02/2020
File size: 15.2 MB

A new snapshot was released this Friday, the Minecraft Java 20w07a version. This snapshot adds 2 new mobs in the Nether: the Piglins and the Hoglins. The Piglins The Piglins are a new mob in the Nether, they are the non-zombified version of the Pigman Zombies , the latter will therefore soon be renamed to Zombified Piglins. They have 8 life hearts (16 points) and a basic attack of 5. They are mainly found in Crimson Forest biomes, along with Zombified Piglins, but there are also some in the Nether Wasted biome. Piglins are hostile mobs, so they will attack you spontaneously when they see you … unless you are wearing a piece of gold armor, in which case they will consider you as one of their own:

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Because piglins love gold very much! You will often see them equipped with gold armor and sword (and only this material): Some Piglins can also be equipped with a crossbow : Note that they are rather intelligent, because the piglins equipped with a crossbow will stay away from you during combat, and will retreat if you approach them. As we had discovered in a previous news , it is possible to barter with the Piglins. When you throw away a golden object, the piglins quickly pick it up and examine it:

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If the object does not interest them, they will not give you anything in return (but they will keep it anyway!). This is what will happen in most cases, unless you give them a gold bar . In this case they will thank you by giving you an object in exchange. They offer a great diversity of objects, some being rarer than others, here is what I could obtain after having offered 2 stacks of gold bars: These exchanges are chosen via a loot table, it is therefore possible to customize them via a datapack. Strangely, the  gold blocks do not interest them, so remember to split them into 9 ingots before offering them.

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And they can sometimes attack the Hoglins who share the Crimson Forest biome with them when they are hungry: If you want to settle in the Nether, it is possible to protect yourself from the Piglins by placing blue fire (either fire even, either the torches or the blue lanterns), which will make the piglins flee: They seem however that it only works when they are passive, according to my observations when a piglin is hunting (a hoglin by example), it ignores and can cross blue flames, and when frightened it can even walk on fire.

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When a piglin crosses a portal of the Nether, it finds itself in the overworld (the normal world), but not to survive in this world, it is then transformed quickly (in only a few seconds, between 5 and 10s according to my tests) in Zombie Piglins (currently still called Zombie Pigs): The process is similar to classic zombies, the mob vibrates for a few seconds before the transformation takes place. When you kill a piglin it has no common drop, on the other hand they have a small chance of dropping their equipment (weapon, armor or object in the hands):

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There are also baby Piglins, they spawn naturally, and are harmless (it does no damage). Like all babies, they are quick and therefore will easily pick up your offerings (like their parents), on the other hand they will give you nothing in return: The Hoglins We discovered hoglins in the previous snapshot, but they then had no behavior (they were passive like pigs). They are now implemented in the game. They are hostile mobs that will attack you spontaneously. They have 40 hit points (20 hearts) and a base attack of 6. They live only in the Crimson Forest biome in the Nether, in the company of Piglins who hunt them regularly: When they are killed, they drop meat of

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raw pig , and more rarely leather : It is possible to keep hogins at a distance by placing Warped Fungi, whose smell they hate: It is possible to mate Hoglins using Crimson Fungis, but it is a do so at your own risk and peril since they will attack you at the same time: Hoglins babies are also aggressive, but they will not do you any damage, on the other hand they can push you (in vacuum or in lava for example). The texture of the hoglins egg has changed, it is now different from the zombie pig egg:

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  • eft the zombie pig egg
  • In the center the hoglin egg
  • Right the piglin egg

tags Several block tags have been added (or modified) in this snapshot, in order to modify certain mechanisms in the game (and allow them to be personalized via datapacks!).

This tag already existed, it lists the list of blocks that endermen can pick up. The netherrack has been removed from this tag, and 6 new blocks have been added: Nylium, fungis and roots, in Crimson and Warped versions. beacon_base_blocks This new tag lists the list of authorized blocks as the basis of construction for Tags . A new block has been added: the Netherite block.

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It is the rarest and most difficult block to obtain in the game, so probably a very bad choice to use it for a tag;)

This new tag also concerns tags, it lists the objects usable as a means of payment to validate an effect in the tag. Netherite ingot has been added to this list: It is obviously also a very bad choice to pay in Netherite given the scarcity of this material, but it is now allowed, and mapmakers can even modify this list he wants it via the addition of a datapack. wither_summon_base_blocks This new tag lists the blocks authorized for the construction of a Wither . Up to 

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was allowed, now Soul Soil is also allowed: (Little trick to build this pattern without making the Wither spawn: Place the heads first, then the blocks below then, because the wither spawn only when you place the heads) wall_post_override This new, slightly more technical tag lists the blocks that generate the creation of a pillar in a wall when the block is placed on the walls. Currently the list lists all the torches , lanterns  and detection wires : Other news

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Nether Fortres now only appear in Soul Sand Valley and Nether Wastes biomes. However when a fortress appears in one of these biomes, it can spread in one of the plant biomes anyway.

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Nether wood (Warped and Crimson Stem) is no longer consumed by burning, and fire is no longer spread there:

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The blue lanterns now have their own texture: the lantern is made of metal, and the texture is slightly lively:

Minecraft Snapshot 20w07a Free Download 24
  • You must now kill Hoglins and Piglins to get the progress Monster Hunter and Monsters hunted
  • Blue flames inflict damage 2 times faster than classic orange fire

Bug fixes

a bug thirty have been fixed in this snapshot, the main:

  • Armor supports crossed walls
Minecraft Snapshot 20w07a Free Download 25
  • Statistics bugged by shifting the value 2 31 (more than 2 billion)
  • The  snowman not droppaient their head citrouile when the cut. Besides, it made no more noise, and their  snowballs made the noise of the arrow shooter.
  • Mushrooms appeared green on cards
  • Snowmen no longer take damage when thrown snowballs
  • By enchanting a book, he lost his name
  • The blocks infested  by  Silverfishs not spawnaient the silverfish when destroying them with a blast
  • Debugging graphics (Shift + F3) were no longer displayed in the previous snapshot
  • etc.

A critical bug
A snapshot that comes out on a Friday? It is rare, and it is probably a very bad choice, since the developers would probably have released a snapshot b otherwise, but they are now on weekends and therefore cannot correct a critical bug present in this snapshot:
If you had villagers who had already memorized a state, this bug will make them disappear permanently from your world. There will normally be no snapshot b since we will change week on Monday, but maybe there will be a snapshot 19w08a on Monday? In any case, as always do not test the snapshots on your personal world, or think about making a backup before.

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