Minecraft Snapshot 20w08a

Minecraft Snapshot 20w08a Free Download

File Name : Minecraft Snapshot 20w08a Free Download
Game Verision: MC 1.16 Snapshot
Manager : Mojang
Date Create: 19/02/2019
Date Update: 19/02/2019
File size: 15.2 MB

A new snapshot was released this Wednesday, the Minecraft Snapshot 20w08a version. This snapshot follows the 20w07a snapshot released Friday evening , it suffered from a corruption problem of the villagers who could disappear when the world was loaded. We also noted that a snapshot “b” should have been released, but because of the weekend the fix should wait until the following week. So it’s done, this bug is now fixed in this “20w08a” (which is therefore an equivalent of a “20w07b”, but with a change of week).

Minecraft Snapshot 20w08a Free Download 1

And that’s all ! No other bug was corrected and the bugs of the first snapshot 20w06a are still present (it is always impossible to craft the panels, the crimson blocks of Crimson and Warped Stem still do not exist, it is still not not possible to quickly mine the blocks made from boards from Crimson / Warped, etc.)

Mojang admits that they had not planned to release a snapshot this week, but this corruption bug of the villagers absolutely had to be fixed.


  • MC-172078 – All villagers with saved memory disappear when upgrading to 20w07a

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