Mobsters Inc. Battlez Version 2! (2-4+ Players)

Mobsters Inc. Battlez Version 2! (2-4+ Players)

File Name : Mobsters Inc. Battlez Version 2! (2-4+ Players)
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Manager : Lilgatorwood
Date Create: 23/09/2019
Date Update: 17/02/2020
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Mobsters Inc. Battlez is a minigame influenced by a java map. In this game you get to battle your opponents, Hopefully your friends, to win for one side. Each side possesses the same abilities as the other but your goal is to defeat the other team by overcoming them with mobs of your choosing. First player to get 15 deaths loses. 


Greetings fellow minecrafters. I am here to release an action packed minigame for the bedrock edition. You should enjoy this minigame. As said above the goal is to get ur enemy to 15 deaths and you win. 

Mobsters Inc. Battlez Version 2! (2-4+ Players) 1

Starting Point/hub
When you spawn in you should be faced with either a Aquarium or with two opposing side teams. Team A The illagers. they fight on the zombie side while the villager fights with the enderman. It is not seen in this image but there are Lore that you can read. Should be lots of fun.

Mobsters Inc. Battlez Version 2! (2-4+ Players) 2

The Battle Field
This is the battle field. Use it to your liking. But be warned you will be swarmed with skeletons, Creepers, zombies and more. Each side is equipped with four Mob drops areas that are used to buy spawn eggs for you to send against your opponent and vis versa. But be warned the battle field is not a forgiving place
Version 2: The battle field has been slightly changed to look more visually appealing. 

Mobsters Inc. Battlez Version 2! (2-4+ Players) 3

Vending machines
Yes, The vending machines (Created by @FoxyPmc on twitter) these are your main go to items. Use them to your advantage. Buy mobs, armor, food and more. Spend your money(Spent using IRL Cash – muhahahaha im evil) to get an advantage over your enemy.

Mobsters Inc. Battlez Version 2! (2-4+ Players) 4

The Slaves . . . uh . . . i Mean Very much paid Workers

Ahhh. . . A Fine day for capitalism (Reference) For your workers. Purchase workers (With real money Muhahaha Evil again) to passively help you earn more money. But watch out you can only hire four workers. Darn OSHA wont allow more.

Version 2: This has nothing to do with the workers but as seen in the image above i planned a perk system to the game! Now you can use Death points to Hinder your opponents. 
You can:
-Blind your enemies
-Steal their items(uhh not really but you clear a random enemies inventory)

-Summon helpers

-And more!

Mobsters Inc. Battlez Version 2! (2-4+ Players) 5

The money maker . . .(Literally) 

    Alright guys i gotta come clean im not evil you dont win by paying real money i was just using that as a joke. Instead you get to use these and many other to collect Paper which is you currency in the game. Use paper to buy armor, food and items. But there is a catch. Paper alone wont buy spawn eggs. That’s where the four mob drop area come into play. You’ll need to collect assortment of paper and mob drops to be able to buy them. Each mob egg varies.

Version 2: Changed how the Currency is obtained. You no longer have to sit at multiple stations to get more paper. Now with the implemented new upgradeable money maker. You can buy 2x/3x/4x paper by using Death points through the new perk area!

Want a version 3?
Unfortunately this is my final update to the map. It is finish where its stands. BUT Dont worry i will be willing to make a Version 3 as a Suggested update. if you want leave a suggestion down in the comments and i will see which i think will suite best. 
Note: Due to bedrocks lack of full on commands. If the request is too intensive i may not be able to complete it. Like ‘Changeable end goal’ Was removed due to complications.


For any in depth look/explanation of the map you can watch a video i posted on YouTube:

And with that fellow crafters i fare thee goodbye. I hope you enjoy this minigame.

  – This map was built on Win10. If you have a mobile phone this map MAY NOT work at its full potential. This map is command block and mob intensive. So if you plan to play this i advise a stronger device, Like a Pc or console. 

Version 2 is live!

-Added a Perk System

-Added A surrender button(Thanks to Jassy)

-Updated visuals to battle field

-Added Upgradeable Paper system. Found in perk room.



>Just Download the minigame From any link here
>Once downloaded all you need to do is click on the .MCpack to install

Android (Warning: Minigame might not work well with mobile. Has alot of commands and redstone at work)
Im not sure how android applies downloaded packs but im pretty sure its the same as above:
>Download map
>Wait until its finished then go into your File explorer
>Tap on file to import

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