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Modern Estates

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Modern Estates is a massive W.I.P. map that my sister and I have been developing for months. So far, there are TONS of houses; modern, classic, etc. There are also a ton of restaurants, cafes, stores… there’s a pet store and a book store. 

Modern Estates is a massive community that has tons of shops, cafes, restaurants, and houses. There are some not so secret hidden things in this world as well, let me know if you find them. Keep in mind that this map is not completely finished but it is getting there. My sister and I have been working on this map for several months and we are continuing to build when we can. This map is supposed to be based on a very lush climate, hence all of the trees and bamboo. Feel free to make any changes you like. I will be updating this map every now and then but the next one won’t be coming out for a while due to school and such. Please consider following my Instagram account @l7kee ( and my sisters @honeydoq ( Several years of knowledge have been put into this map, so we sincerely hope you enjoy it. Updates will be slow for a while though, but v1.1 is coming out next week or so with a ton of new stuff.

Here are some photos: Modern Estates 2Modern Estates 3Modern Estates 4Modern Estates 5Modern Estates 6Modern Estates 7Modern Estates 8Modern Estates 9Modern Estates 10Modern Estates 11Modern Estates 12Modern Estates 13Modern Estates 14Modern Estates 15Modern Estates 16Modern Estates 17Modern Estates 18Modern Estates 19Modern Estates 20Modern Estates 21Modern Estates 22Modern Estates 23Modern Estates 24Modern Estates 25Modern Estates 26Modern Estates 27Modern Estates 28Modern Estates 29Modern Estates 30Modern Estates 31Modern Estates 32Modern Estates 33Modern Estates 34Modern Estates 35Modern Estates 36Modern Estates 37Modern Estates 38Modern Estates 39Modern Estates 40Modern Estates 41Modern Estates 42Modern Estates 43Modern Estates 44Modern Estates 45Modern Estates 46Modern Estates 47Modern Estates 48

Modern Estates 49Modern Estates 50Modern Estates 51Modern Estates 52

Added a rollercoaster and made some changes to the file. 


Download the .mcworld file.


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