More Tools Premium Edition Add-on

More Tools Premium Edition Add-on

File Name : More Tools Premium Edition Add-on
Game Verision: mcpe 1.13, 1.12
Manager : Mod Corners
Date Create: 25/08/2019
Date Update: 03/11/2019
File size: 285.09 kb

This addon adds a range of ores and tools. Ores can be found scattered underground, and these may be your only chance to defeat and pillagers and other new mobs!

You might want to get a lot of chests ready for your brand new ores! Their are around 16 Ores inside the game now!

More Tools Premium Edition Add-on 1

Do you want more tools and armors?

Offcourse you do well this addon will add more tools and armors,blocks and ores to your minecraft worlds!

These tools will be verry important if you want to defend your life on minecraft when the new mobs in other addons come and get you!

Below is a preview of the current blocks!


Smelt The Ores To Get The Ingots!

More Tools Premium Edition Add-on 2

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Lead Block, Nickel Block

Mercury Block, Plastic Block

More Tools Premium Edition Add-on 3


Smooth Lead Block, Smooth Nickel Block

Smooth Mercury Block, Smooth Plastic Block

Smooth Zinc Block, Smooth Copper Block

Smooth Sapphire Block, Smooth Onyx Block

Smooth Titanium Block, Smooth Mythril Block

Smooth Vibranium Block, Smooth Invar Block

Smooth Adamantium Block, Smooth Aquamarine Block

Smooth Gallium Block, Smooth Ruby Block

More Tools Premium Edition Add-on 4


Carved Creeper Lead Block, Carved Creeper Nickel Block

Carved Creeper Mercury Block, Carved Creeper Plastic Block

Carved Creeper Zinc Block, Carved Creeper Copper Block

Carved Creeper Sapphire Block, Carved Creeper Onyx Block

Carved Creeper Titanium Block, Carved Creeper Mythril Block

Carved Creeper Vibranium Block, Carved Creeper Invar Block

Carved Creeper Adamantium Block, Carved Creeper Aquamarine Block

Carved Creeper Gallium Block, Carved Creeper Ruby Block

More Tools Premium Edition Add-on 5


Carved Lead Block, Carved Nickel Block

Carved Mercury Block, Carved Plastic Block

Carved Zinc Block, Carved Copper Block

Carved Sapphire Block, Carved Onyx Block

Carved Titanium Block, Carved Mythril Block

Carved Vibranium Block, Carved Invar Block

Carved Adamantium Block, Carved Aqusmarine Block

Carved Gallium Block, Carved Ruby Block

More Tools Premium Edition Add-on 6


Lead Bricks, Nickel Bricks

Mercury Bricks, Plastic Bricks

Zinc Bricks, Copper Bricks

Sapphire Bricks, Onyx Bricks

Titanium Bricks, Mythril Bricks

Vibranium Bricks, Invar Bricks

Adamantium Bricks, Aquamarine Bricks

Gallium Bricks, Ruby Bricks

More Tools Premium Edition Add-on 7


Lead Sword, Nickel Sword

Mercury Sword, Plastic Sword

Zinc Sword, Copper Sword

Sapphire Sword, Onyx Sword

Titanium Sword, Mythril Sword

Vibranium Sword, Invar Sword

Adamantium Sword, Aquamarine Sword

Gallium Sword, Ruby Sword

Redstone Sword, Coal Sword

More Tools Premium Edition Add-on 8

Known Bugs!

  • Need to fix ores in 1.12
  • Need to fix small bugs which u report



  • V1.1.1 Will Have A Chisel
  • V1.1.1 Will Have Ores In Chests
  • V1.1.1 Will Have The Recipies
  • V1.1 Adds Fun


  • V1.1.1 Will Have Chisel
  • V1.1.1 Should Have Swords Working!
  • V1.1.1 Will Have Bugs Maybe 


More Staffs

Rexxomend me more stuff below


//Ingots Added

Adamantine Ingot

Aquamarine Ingot

Copper Ingot

Gallium Ingot

Invar Ingot

Vibranium Ingot

Titanium Ingot

Sapphire Ingot

Ruby Ingot

Onyx Ingot

Mythril Ingot

Gallium Ingot

Buried Ingot

Buried Ingot

Buried Ingot

Buried Ingot

//Ores Added

Adamantium Ore

Aquamarine Ore

Copper Ore

Gallium Ore

Invar Ore

Vibranium Ore

Titanium Ore

Sapphire Ore

Ruby Ore

Onyx Ore

Mythril Ore

Gallium Ore

Buried Zinc

Buried Plastic

Buried Mercury

Buried Lead


Ore Generation


Fixed McAddon

All Blocks Can Be Crafted Using Corresponding Ingots For E.g #=Onyx Ingot




= Onyx Block

Updated added more information to the description to decribe better

Fixed the description and bief description to be more specific and added a new mcaddon fix

  • Adds 52 Blocks
  • Adds Stonecutter Recipies For 1.13
  • Introduces 16 New Swords
  • All Swords Work In 1.12
  • All Recipies Are In Next Update
  • Any Bugs You Need To Tell Me
  • This Update Brings Fun

THE COMMAND IS */give @a tutorial:ruby_sword


Follow the steps to install

  1. Download the zip first
  2. The zip contains 2 folders
  3. The Resource and Behaviour Packs
  4. Extract Zip
  5. Move the folders to corresponding folders
  6. internal/games/com.mojang/resource packs
  7. internal/games/com.mojang/behaviour packs

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