Nether PVE Dungeon Crawler 1

Nether PVE Dungeon Crawler

File Name : Nether PVE Dungeon Crawler
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Manager : TPBOSS909
Date Create: 29/02/2020
Date Update: 29/02/2020
File size: 253.22 KB

This Dungeon Crawler has an expansive maze with varied loot throughout to help you fight bigger and better bosses that lead up to the ultimate boss fight. Roam around the maze and collect monument fragments (pieces of wool) after defeating 5 different stages of mobs to help you finally complete the monument after the final boss fight where you will face 4 further groups of mobs and then if you are successful youwill be teleported to a winners arena to celebrate.

Many chests are found throughout with progressively better loot after every mini boss fight. There are 5 of these mini arenas

Nether PVE Dungeon Crawler 2

Where groups of mobs will automatically spawn in and you have to defeat them to continue.

Before the final boss fight where you will have to kill 4 different groups of fearsome mobs to finish.

Nether PVE Dungeon Crawler 3

Each mini boss fight has a different mob to conquer and with the help of mods they are even tougher and more fearsome.

Once you have finished that you will be teleported back to the start to complete your monument

Nether PVE Dungeon Crawler 4

And with the help of commands as soon as you have finished the monument, you can celebrate in the winners arena.

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Made a more detailed description of the map for new players


Use Minecraft to open the file on prompt and then it will automatically download!

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