The New Frontier Modpacks for minecraft 1.11.2

Come explore The New Frontier of modded Minecraft as we explore Some of the new things added to vanilla and all the New Mods coming out but also some of the past this is also a survival pack don’t go out into the dark unprepared this pack does need around 5gb of ram to run.

Version The New Frontier 13
Release Type Release
Manager Ichigo_Games
Created Apr 12, 2016
Update 4 days ago
Support 1.11.2

Screenshot :

How to install

  1. Download the The New Frontier 13 server files
  2. Unzip the .zip file to your computer and upload all the files inside, to your server via FTP (i.e. FileZilla)
  3. rename the “The New Frontier  .jar” file to “custom.jar”
  4. Make sure your server is set to use a custom jar
  5. Add a new world and click save
  6. Start your server and enjoy your Minecraft modpack.

Download Modpacks for minecraft 1.11.2

File Name Status Game Version Date
The New Frontier 13 Release 1.11.2 4 days ago
The New Frontier 12.1 Release 1.11.2 Mar 22, 2017

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