Newlands Addon 1

Newlands Addon

File Name : Newlands Addon
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : UnderwaterDoge
Date Create: 09/09/2019
Date Update: 09/09/2019
File size: 42.7 KB

Newlands Addon is an addon in WIP (Work in progress)

You need blocks for tech themed bases?Or perhaps medium and end game items?Well this is a good addon for you!

Summary of additions:

  • 3 blocks
  • 3 items
  • New stuff  every 3 weeks or so!

The crafts for the blocks:

Hazard Block –

Newlands Addon 2

9 Obsidian

Newlands Addon 3

Lab Block –

Newlands Addon 4

9 Quartz Block

Newlands Addon 5

Lab Light Emitter –

Newlands Addon 6

8 Quartz Block

1 Glowstone

Newlands Addon 7

The crafts for the items:

Diamond Carrot –

8 Diamond

1 Carrot

Newlands Addon 8

Hazard Hammer –

2 Sticks

3 Hazard Blocks

Newlands Addon 9

Umbrella –

2 Sticks

3 Phantom Membrane

Newlands Addon 10

About the blocks:

  • Hazard Block : A block with good tnt resistance and hard to mine.
  • Lab Block : A block ideal for tech based constructions
  • Lab Light Emitter : Like Lab Block but emits light

About the items:

  • Umbrella : Gives slow falling
  • Hazard Hammer : Destroys Hazard Blocks immediately and gives extra 4 health
  • Diamond Carrot : When ate, the Diamond Carrot gives speed and regeneration

What’s new?

Area51 Update:

  • Adds 1 Block:
  • Lab Reinforced Iron Block
  • Adds 2 Mobs;
  • 1.Area51 Robot,spawns in the taiga biome and drops area51 key.
  • 2.Area 51 Boss,drops the Amulet of Order of Stone
  • Adds 3 items:
  • 1.Amulet of Order of Stone,gives you the Hero of the village effect
  • 2.Totem of UFO,gives you the levitation effect
  • 3.Area 51 Key,creates a structure with no ceiling and inside it the Area51 Boss is spawned,also it clears the inventory of every player in a 5 block radius

Newlands Addon is still in WIP(Work in Progress),feedback is welcome!

31/08/2019 – Area51 Update

Adds 1 block,2 mobs and 3 items

Area51 Update:

New mobs,items,blocks,structures and showcase map have been added.


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