Oregurl Addon 1

Oregurl Addon

File Name : Oregurl Addon
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : Zucth
Date Create: 11/09/2019
Date Update: 29/10/2019
File size: 220.87 KB

The idea of the Oregirl add-on is to include lots of random (and sometimes useless) things which is either really fun to use or just a waste of space. ? For example, a stackable tool, cursed biome, flower recipe, trophy items etc.

Oregurl firstly, was designed to make as a flower biome underground which generate the following item and dungeon and somehow mixed up with other things…  And didn’t add those dungeon in yet.

Oregurl Addon 2

Secondly, all of this have make up by me so it’s not gonna be any other people work if you’re asked for the owner license. You can use mixed up with your addon or play with other!

Oregurl Addon 3

Thirdly, I’m not confirm for any update in this pack! I make up for fun and share up because some people said that I should~

Oregurl Addon 4

Oregurl have 3 idea of addon inside which mostly useless and waste your space like I have said before in the brief.

Oregurl Addon 5

1. Flower recipe (Block, item, tool, ore)

2. Stackable tools (flower tool and soap-soap tool type do stack and have special countdown)

3. Cursed biome (random generate for a challenging survival trip)

Oregurl Addon 6

*I do not know for anything happen after if the game is to much lag by this following problem*

The photos only shows “Cursed biome” idea all the recipe you can find inside the pack in the recipe folder or in the game most of them were create as a block item to make it easy to craft and following only tool and ore will be set as a item. And mostly of the tool type are useless mostly were create and can be craft to store as a thophy item

Ore type (that is not flower type)

Estaman>Freric>Iqeo>Jraqs>Black Diamond

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