potions master mod

Potions Master Mod

File Name : Potions Master Mod
Game Verision: MC 1.15.2
Manager : thevortexFoxTopia
Date Create: 02/01/2020
Date Update: 20/02/2020
File size: 302.43 KB

Potions Master  is a mod that will allow us to elaborate a new potion, called OreSight, that during a certain period of time will allow us to have X-ray vision to find mineral resources. These potions will be manufactured from the combination of various elements, mineral resources among them, in a mortar.

With the OreSight potion we can find any predetermined mineral resource, such as coal, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli, gold, diamond and emerald. As well as mineral resources added by other mods, provided that these are aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, silver, tin, uranium, osmium zinc, crimson iron, bismuth and platinum.

Potions Master Mod 1
Potions Master Mod 2
Potions Master Mod 3

Find mineral resources easily by using a potion.

How to install Potions Master Mod for Minecraft?

  • Download  Minecraft Forge
  • Download Potions Master Mod
  • Double click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded file from the mod into the .minecraft / mods folder
  • We can now make the new potion that this mod adds!

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