Queen Bee Add-on 1

Queen Bee Add-on

File Name : Queen Bee Add-on
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Date Create: 05/01/2020
Date Update: 05/01/2020
File size: 605.55 KB

This add-on adds a new mob that many expected it to be added in Minecraft’s Buzzy Bees update. The queen bee, or bee queen as many know it! It will usually be found in or near the nests, along with the bees. In addition to the queen bee, it was also added the royal jelly bottle! A very useful substance for the player.

Other Credits

This queen bee belongs to a datapack created for Minecraft: Java Edition, which was recreated/imported by me for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. All proper credits to the datapack creators are here below!

– Major thanks to SystemZee and Endergized for inspiring basically creating the design of the Queen Bee.

–  Major thanks to Pigeon1H for remaking/importing the model and the datapack itself.

If you are a Minecraft: Java Edition player, and want to download the original datapack for Java Edition, CLICK HERE.

How does it work?

Queen bees do not circulate flowers and collect pollen like normal bees, they just come in and out of the nest randomly during the day.

The queen bee is an aggressive mob, it attacks the player when it is within 6 blocks of the player; queen bees do not attack the player if he is holding a flower or a royal jelly bottle; like normal bees, queen bees do not attack in Peaceful difficulty. Iron Golems attack queen bees!

Queen bees follow the target when angry and after attacking they are calm for a few seconds; when angry, your eyes turn red. Unlike the normal bee, the queen bee does not lose their stinger after killing!

Bees get angry if a nearby queen bee gets angry, and so do queen bees if a nearby bee gets angry.

Like normal bees, queen bees follow the player when he holds a flower in his hand. And baby bees follow the player when he holds a royal jelly bottle!

Queen bees appear in bee nests, and at all spawn points of a bee. Bees when spawned have a 15/100 chance of becoming a queen bee.

Normal Queen Bee

Queen Bee Add-on 2

Angry Queen Bee

Queen Bee Add-on 3


4–8 Honey Block. The maximum amount is increased by 1 per level of Looting, for a maximum of 4-11 with Looting III.

6–12 Honeycomb. The maximum amount is increased by 1 per level of Looting, for a maximum of 6-15 with Looting III.

Upon death, queen bees drop 8–12 experience orbs when killed by a player or tamed wolf.


Queen bees follow players holding flowers. If the player is standing still and being followed by queen bees, the queen bees go toward the player, face the player, and rest on the ground. They do this until the player moves.

With this add-on, to breed bees, you need a queen bee. Just feed a normal bee and a queen bee!

If a queen bee and a bee are given a flower, they enter love mode and pair up to create baby bees, granting the player 8-16 experience of the queen bee, or 1-7 experience which is the normal bee’s default value. The parent bees have a cool down of 5 minutes before they can breed again.

When you breed bees, there is a 5/100 chance of the baby bee growing up to become a queen bee.

Attack Strength

Damage: 6;


  • 1 per 1.25 sec
  • Normal: Poison for 10 sec
  • Hard: Poison for 18 sec

Queen bees do not poison in Easy difficulty. They only do damage!


  • Spawns naturally in bee nests, and at all spawn points of a normal bee
  • After attacking are calm for a few seconds
  • When angry your eyes turn red
  • Do not attack the player if he is holding a flower or a royal jelly bottle
  • Aggressive
  • Health Points: 60
  • Attack Damage: 6

Empty Royal Jelly Bottle

Queen Bee Add-on 4

The empty royal jelly bottle is used to craft a royal jelly bottle.

Royal Jelly Bottle

Queen Bee Add-on 5

A royal jelly bottle can be drunk by using it, restoring 8 hunger and 2.4 saturation. Consuming the item has the benefit of also removing any negative effect if applied to the player, except the bad omen effect.

Empty bottles remain in the crafting grid after crafting the royal jelly bottle.

In addition to restoring hunger and saturation, as well as removing negative effects, the royal jelly bottle instantly converts baby bees to queen bees. Just feed a baby bee with the royal jelly bottle, and will start the conversion process. The baby bee will be still, and will starts shaking; this process has a duration of 5 seconds. Then the baby bee turns into a queen bee!

Queen Bee Add-on 6  The royal jelly bottle can be used twice, both for the player and to transform baby bees. After first use, the royal jelly bottle is half full, not full as before. And after the last use, turns into an empty royal jelly bottle.

Drinking a royal jelly bottle has a much faster duration than other foods, as it can be eaten twice.

Like the honey bottle, the max stack size of a royal jelly bottle is 16.


Click on “Download Add-on”, and click “Continue” (Do not click Direct Link). Wait 15 seconds, and click “Continue to Queen Bee Add-on”. After that, download the Add-on via Mediafire!

To activate in the world just activate the resource within your Resource Packs, which the behavior will be activated together. Or activate the behavior within your Behavior Packs, which the resource will be activated together!

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