Raft Addon 1

Raft Addon

File Name : Raft Addon
Game Verision: MCPE
Manager : Rexiar
Date Create: 15/06/2018
Date Update: 15/06/2019
File size: 214.24 KB

This add-on replaces the boats in-game to look and behave similarly to rafts. The main behavioral difference is that they have a larger collision box which makes it possible for you or any other entity to stand on them without them floating away. They also have more seats (4 instead of 2) which is useful if you’re a several friends wanting to use the same boat.

How does it work?

To rafts are crafted just the same way as to ordinary boats. Once crafted, simply place them down in the water to start using them. You can stand on rafts without mounting them as they have a larger collision box.

Raft Addon 2

One raft can hold up to four entities at the same time.

Raft Addon 3

All boats are replaced by the rafts. This means there is a great variety of colors and wood types.

Raft Addon 4

Note from the creator: I’m back! So I just started making addons. I felt like we are not getting enough addons that revolve around the boats and I think this is the first addon that edits the boat here. So, I made the boat look like a log raft. I made it for all of the boats.(Oak , Dark Oak, Acacia etc.) Looks nice to be honest :)). Made it bigger. Has a bigger collision box. Has 2 more seats. So its 4 seats.

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