RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 1

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On

File Name : RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : r4isen1920
Date Create: 08/09/2019
Date Update: 20/09/2019
File size: 50.24 KB

Minecraft Waypoints! Derived from the Chorus Fruit’s powers. This add-on allows you to travel accross – distant, hard to reach places, or in between – with ease and convenience! Packed with new textures, and custom items – as well as new ways and methods of traveling, as a proof of concept.

Crafting Recipes

  • Combine (Term): The recipe is shapless, not necessary to make exact patters as shown below.

A. Waypoint Adders

  • Waypoint Adders allows you to add waypoints throughout your world! Add up to 8 Waypoints per world!
  • To craft a Waypoint Adder, combine a Compass with a Chorus Fruit. Add more Chorus Fruit to change the number – up to 8!

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 2

B. Waypoint Removers 

  • Waypoint Removers are used to remove existing or placed Waypoints in your world!
  • To craft a Waypoint Remover, combine a Water Bottle with the Chorus Fruit.

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 3

C. Waypoint Selector

  • Waypoint Selector allows you to move or teleport to a specific waypoint placed in your world!
  • To craft a Waypoint Selector, surround a Compass with four Chorus Fruits in the corner in the Crafting Grid!

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 4

Add-On Usage

A. Setting up or Adding a Waypoint

  • Drop a Waypoint Adder where you want to add or place the Waypoint. You can only add up to 8 Waypoints per world!

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 5

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 6

B. Removing a Waypoint

  • To remove a Waypoint, drop a Waypoint Remover on it. You will get your Waypoint Remover back, but not the Waypoint Adder you used to set the Waypoint.

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 7

C. Moving or Teleporting to a Waypoint

  • To teleport or move to a waypoint in an instant, sneak while holding the Waypoint Selector to cycle through the possible available Waypoint(s) in your world. Long press on the screen while holding the Waypoint Selector to teleport there!
  • Note: If the other player created the Waypoint, make sure to go to the Waypoint they’ve created first (atleast 2 blocks from it)!

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 8

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 9

Waypoint Colors

  • Each Waypoint represents their color, so you can easily understand which Waypoint’s which. Although you can’t change them individually, these colors are represented by default as follows:

RAOTM: Minecraft Waypoints Add-On 10

  • From left to right: Waypoint 1 (Red), Waypoint 2 (Orange), Waypoint 3 (Yellow), Waypoint 4 (Green), Waypoint 5 (Blue), Waypoint 6 (Magenta), Waypoint 7 (Violet), and Waypoint 8 (White).
  • These colors are also default by their name. So when you teleport to the respective Waypoint, you’ll see its color on the screen as well!

  • Added 3 new Waypoints! As an exchange, you can no longer add multiple Waypoints of the same number, this is to avoid more confusion with the code in the add-on.
  • Optimized Waypoints. Any waypoints placed farther away can now be detected by the Waypoint Selector.
  • Waypoint Selector Enhancement. Tweaked some texts regarding Waypoint toggles.
  • Teleportation Stabilized. Shouldn’t be stucked on the Waypoint anymore, specially in multiplayer mode.
  • Other changes. 
  • Waypoint Colors. Updated with new look and feel, see the new and revamped Waypoints with its new look!
  • Performance Improvements. If you’re experiencing some crashes, make sure to take it slow and do only one add-on at a time per world (if you are doing so)! Also, please take note that the performance may also vary depending on the device you are playing on.
  • Particle Enhancements. Added and tweaked some particles when teleporting or moving into a Waypoint.
  • Others. Tweaked some text, & updated entity names for the Waypoints,

》 Thank you for your continued support and enjoy!


  • Important: Experimental Gameplay must be enabled or turned on!
  • Note: If the add-on didn’t work properly, make sure to put atleast the Behavior Pack of it on top, if you’re using multiple add-ons in a world.

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