Realistic Explosion (Function Pack) (1.12+) 1

Realistic Explosion (Function Pack) (1.12+)

File Name : Realistic Explosion (Function Pack) (1.12+)
Game Verision: mcpe 1.13
Manager : Qkie
Date Create: 15/09/2019
Date Update: 16/09/2019
File size: 418.29 KB

This function pack make the tnt and falling block such as Sand, Concrete Powder, anvil, and anything who affect gravity will emit particles and make it look beautiful explosions. This pack only have 3 functions.

How to Install?

Warning : this is may make your minecraft lag. Set the view distance as lower as possible!

  1. Open the .mcpack file in your browser or move the .zip file to “behavior_packs”.
  2. Create new world or Edit the existing world and Activate the pack.Realistic Explosion (Function Pack) (1.12+) 2
  3. Tap “Create”.
  4. Type “/function r-help” first to start installing and viewing the help and follow the instruction. You also have given the repeating command block so you dont have to type give command again.Realistic Explosion (Function Pack) (1.12+) 3

Getting started

  1. Type “/function r-help” to start the functions, why? Because its very important for all functions!
  2. Put the command block. Type “/function rtnt/start” set the command block to repeating and always active.   PS : type “/function rtnt/start_lagless” to reduce the particle.

    Realistic Explosion (Function Pack) (1.12+) 4
  3. And now try to put tnt as many as you can. Dont forget to add sand and other falling object too.Realistic Explosion (Function Pack) (1.12+) 5
  4. Ignite it and BOOM!!Realistic Explosion (Function Pack) (1.12+) 6


I see the tnt or falling blocks stuck because the chunks didnt load from far away. It make more lag. So i decide to make a timer thats kill the falling blocks or tnt if they stuck more than 4.5 seconds!


Type “/function r-help” first before running anything else

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