[Redstone] Troll Command Creations

Today it’s April Fools’ Day and it’s miles that point throughout the year while it’s okay (and nearly an obligation) to prank humans. This map presents you with 10 one of a kind thoughts for creations which you could build for your own worlds to prank your buddies. There are a first rate blend of them too. Everything from jumpscares to faux creepers.

Maps Creator: WalkerTyme

Even though I was incredibly tempted to spoil this creation, I won’t! It’s really something you have to experience for yourself. Make sure to turn up the volume.

Ohh.. a diamond block! It’s a great way to catch thieves..

Oh noes! Run!

Download Troll Command Creations Maps for minecraft PE :

Troll Command Creations .McWorld
Troll Command Creations .ZIP

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