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Show HP MOD (Add-on)

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Tired of looking for a mod that shows HP but doesn’t need script or launcher? Then your search is over. This mod does that work for you. Now, I introduce you my Show HP MOD!

Show HP MOD (Add-on) 2

What’s up piggy? I see you’re very healthy.

Show HP MOD (Add-on) 3

Hello sheep! Don’t eat all the grass please.

Show HP MOD (Add-on) 4

Hi cow! What will happen if I hit you with this?

That is how it looks like. So basically, it’s a BOSS BAR. Every time you go near a mob, its HP will show up just like in the pictures.

Show HP MOD (Add-on) 5

Here is another one. My pet, Coptaine. The beauty of that is you can see your pet’s HP. So whenever he is hurt, you can immediately heal him.


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